getting old skins into the new rF2

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    I have never messed with the create a team car type skin much, certainly not for a long long time. I've preferred ones that are in mas files and you only need to move the mas file if a car gets a version update.
    But I have found these gorgeous Flying Lizard Motorsports skins and eventually figured out how to get the skin to appear in game by extracting the dds file and creating a new team. But there are several problems, one, very faintly a base skin can be seen, this is not a real bother to me but I'm mentioning it.
    second. Every time I restart the game I have to reload the skin via the customize screen.
    So can anyone create a quick tutorial explaining the proper procedure to import dds skins?

    Thank you!
    Solved the faint base skin, I was missing the region file. And the cars are now permanently assigned, but of course the menu icons are not correct.
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