G27 with Brabham at Brianza

Discussion in 'Technical Archives' started by Alan Frost, Jun 15, 2012.

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    for me FFB works great but only in formula 60s cars, FFB in other cars is for me rubbish, I don't know why, I have G25 and in Nissan GTR with default FFB wheel is turning almost without resistance :/ I had to change FFB force in settings at 3.00 and then I can feel anything but it still isn't good :/

    in profiler I have settings like 4L0M

    Thanks God I love only historic formula/gt so this isn't so big problem for me :p
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    Today I spent most of the day re-configuring rFactor 2's force feedback setup.

    I think I've found a good compromise between feeling how the car handles and having your wheel explode or your arms ripped out.

    I made two files:

    KINSMAN'S FEEL THE FORCE (C) Feedback Settings for G25/G27 - LIGHT

    KINSMAN'S FEEL THE FORCE (C) Feedback Settings for G25/G27 - MEDIUM

    Now I'm not going to FORCE FEEDBACK (excuse the pun) but of course I would appreciate some if anyone has anything to add/offer.

    Please note that each file requires a different recommended in-game force feedback setting to work as desired.

    Good luck with it and I hope it works well for you.

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