Fresh Installation and Update Verify fails

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by 64r, Mar 20, 2014.

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    I just wiped rF2 and installed a clean fresh build of 590. I have yet to install any content other then the Lite Installer. In the Launcher (1.102) I clicked on the Update tab. Clicking the Update button shows "The current build is up to date." All good so far. Clicking the Verify button and half of the files "failed integrity check". I am not sure if this is intentional but I guess this should not happen on a new fresh build.

    As always let me know if you need more details or information.
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    That's usually OK. Jeremy understands it, I don't. :)
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    No should not happen if he used a empty folder and/or did the verification before he added any backups.

    Mine came up 100% verified except " Support\590.uninstall failed verification "

    The reason for that is just after I installed the new Build I did a Fresh W7 for a fresh image ( new drivers and SSD was overdue for g-parted zero-write ) ..... ie: My sims reside on separate 1TB HD

    I used backup of .rfactor and ~MASTEMP in Roaming folder so Windows has no record of installing it.

    As soon as you delete any file, like say a controller inis that you never use it will not verify either.

    But if you install a fresh lite in a fresh empty folder and click verify it will be 100% Should be.
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    Now I will delete files I usually do like......

    I use my own controller so if I verify again all those will fail and drop to bottom of list altogether like below.

    All the files above" Instal has been Checked" are verified
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    Ok, for the sake of repeatability so the guys at HQ can reproduce this issue and resolve it, I have taken the following steps (I am typing this as I do them).

    1. Windows 7 Control Panel > Programs and Features > select rFactor 2 and Uninstall it using both the Core and Data options.
    2. Renamed the folder at Libraries\Documents\rFactor2 to Libraries\Documents\rFactor2Old
    3. Renamed the folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2 to C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2Old

    I renamed the files instead of deleting so I can go back and restore them or delete them if required. Anyway for all purposes the original rFactor2 folders and files no longer exist on my machine.

    4. Downloaded and installed rFactor2_LiteBuild_590.exe using all default options.
    5. Started the rFactor2 Launcher app, clicked on the Update tab and saw "The current build is up to date."
    6. Clicked on the Verify button and see lots of "failed integrity check" messages. The full output has been copied and pasted below

    Checking for updates. Please wait for result.
    The current build is up to date.
    Getting verification data. Please wait for result.
    ssleay32.dll passed integrity check.
    phonon4.dll passed integrity check.
    libeay32.dll passed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Porsche Wheel.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel USB.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech Driving Force GT USB.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Fanatec CSR Wheel.ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows).ini failed integrity check.
    UserData\Controller\ClubSport Wheel.ini failed integrity check.
    Updates\SyncManager.exe passed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\ReadMe.txt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\ReadMe.txt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\ReadMe.txt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\ReadMe.txt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Texture_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\ReadMe.txt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Material_v25.dlt failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Converter_v25.dlu failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\ModMaker.chm failed integrity check.
    Support\Tools\MAS2.exe failed integrity check.
    Support\Runtimes\vcredist_x86.exe failed integrity check.
    Support\Languages\Italian.dic failed integrity check.
    Support\Languages\French.dic failed integrity check.
    Support\Languages\English.dic passed integrity check.
    Support\Languages\Deutsch.dic failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\dsetup32.dll failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\ failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe failed integrity check.
    Support\DirectX\DSETUP.dll failed integrity check.
    Support\590.uninstall failed integrity check.
    ReadMe.txt passed integrity check.
    QtWebKit4.dll passed integrity check.
    QtNetwork4.dll passed integrity check.
    QtGui4.dll passed integrity check.
    QtCore4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\TrackIR_rF2_Plugin.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\sqldrivers\qsqlite4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\phonon_backend\phonon_ds94.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qtiff4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qtga4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qsvg4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qmng4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qjpeg4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qico4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\imageformats\qgif4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\iconengines\qsvgicon4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\graphicssystems\qtracegraphicssystem4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\graphicssystems\qglgraphicssystem4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\worldtimeclockplugin.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\taskmenuextension.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\qwebview.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\qt3supportwidgets.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\qdeclarativeview.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\qaxwidget.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\phononwidgets.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\customwidgetplugin.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\containerextension.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\designer\arthurplugin.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\codecs\qtwcodecs4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\codecs\qkrcodecs4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\codecs\qjpcodecs4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\codecs\qcncodecs4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\bearer\qnativewifibearer4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\bearer\qgenericbearer4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\accessible\qtaccessiblewidgets4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Qt\Plugins\accessible\qtaccessiblecompatwidgets4.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\NetCommUtilPlugin.dll passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Miles\msssrs.flt passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Miles\msseax.flt passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Miles\mssdsp.flt passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Miles\mssds3d.flt passed integrity check.
    Plugins\Miles\mssdolby.flt passed integrity check.
    Manifests\all tracks & cars_10.mft passed integrity check.
    Launch rFactor.exe passed integrity check.
    KnownIssues.txt passed integrity check.
    Installed\rFm\allcarstracks_10.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_pc.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_PC_common.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_PC.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\rfactor2 ui.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps3.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps2.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Sounds\TMTires\1.0c\tmtires.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\Sounds\TMTires\1.0c\TMTires.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\rf2 showrooms.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\garage.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\Reflected Floor.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\Car Screenshot.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Nations\nations\1.0\nations.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\Nations\nations\1.0\nations.mas failed integrity check.
    Installed\Commentary\Commentary\1.0\commentary.mft failed integrity check.
    Installed\Commentary\Commentary\1.0\CommentaryEnglish-USA.mas failed integrity check.
    Core\rFactor2.exe passed integrity check.
    Core\rFactor2 Dedicated.exe passed integrity check.
    Core\rF Config.exe passed integrity check.
    Core\mss32.dll passed integrity check.
    Core\dsetup.dll passed integrity check.
    Core\data.commerce passed integrity check.
    Core\Version.txt passed integrity check.
    Core\Vehicles\vehicle common.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Vehicles\cmaps.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Vehicles\Vehicles.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Vehicles\Multicar.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\UIData\core ui.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\UIData\Core.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\secondary sounds.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\default sounds.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\ambient sounds.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\Secondary.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\Default.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Sounds\Ambient.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\legal256.bmp passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\Weather.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\UIMovies.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\Sky.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\Shared.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\ShaderGFX.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\Fonts.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Shared\CoreShaders.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Scripts\scripts.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Scripts\pitcrewnormal.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Scripts\pitcrewleft.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Scripts\pitcrew10sec.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Scripts\Pits.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\ModMgr.exe passed integrity check.
    Core\Locations\location common.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Locations\commonmaps.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Locations\Locations.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\Helmets\standard helmets.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\Helmets\Helmets.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\HUD\standard hud.mft passed integrity check.
    Core\HUD\mini.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\HUD\arcadestyle.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\HUD\Multidial.mas passed integrity check.
    Core\HUD\GTDial.mas passed integrity check.
    Install has been checked.
    One or more critical simulation files failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Porsche Wheel.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel USB.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Logitech Driving Force GT USB.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Fanatec CSR Wheel.ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows).ini failed verification.
    UserData\Controller\ClubSport Wheel.ini failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\ReadMe.txt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 9\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 8\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\ReadMe.txt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2012\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\ReadMe.txt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2011\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\ReadMe.txt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2010\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Texture_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\ReadMe.txt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Material_v25.dlt failed verification.
    Support\Tools\Plugins\Max 2009\Converter_v25.dlu failed verification.
    Support\Tools\ModMaker.chm failed verification.
    Support\Tools\MAS2.exe failed verification.
    Support\Runtimes\vcredist_x86.exe failed verification.
    Support\Languages\Italian.dic failed verification.
    Support\Languages\French.dic failed verification.
    Support\Languages\Deutsch.dic failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\dsetup32.dll failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\ failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe failed verification.
    Support\DirectX\DSETUP.dll failed verification.
    Support\590.uninstall failed verification.
    Installed\rFm\allcarstracks_10.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_pc.mft failed verification.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_PC_common.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Vehicles\Clio_PC\1.0\clio_PC.mas failed verification.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\rfactor2 ui.mft failed verification.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps3.mas failed verification.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps2.mas failed verification.
    Installed\UIData\rFactor2 UI\1.0d\UImaps.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Sounds\TMTires\1.0c\tmtires.mft failed verification.
    Installed\Sounds\TMTires\1.0c\TMTires.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\rf2 showrooms.mft failed verification.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\garage.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\Reflected Floor.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Showroom\rF2 Showrooms\1.0f\Car Screenshot.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Nations\nations\1.0\nations.mft failed verification.
    Installed\Nations\nations\1.0\nations.mas failed verification.
    Installed\Commentary\Commentary\1.0\commentary.mft failed verification.
    Installed\Commentary\Commentary\1.0\CommentaryEnglish-USA.mas failed verification.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you need more details.
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    This has been known about for ages and it's all to do with how you install the game.

    If you install the 'Core' and 'Data and Settings' to separate folders then you'll find the stuff in 'Core' passes and the stuff in 'Data and Settings' fails. Don't worry about as it doesn't affect the game working properly.

    If you install the 'Core' and 'Data and Settings' to the same folder (don't do it to Program Files if you don't have admin rights) then you'll find everything passes. You might find a file (uninstall.exe seems to be a recurring one) fail from time to time but that's down to the ingame updater serving up a slightly different version of the file compared to the one in a Lite_Build EXE.
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    I used the standard installation options (like any new user probably would) and saw these errors, so I'm reporting them in an effort to help the dev guys tidy up the loose ends. As the installer knows where it has installed the files it should check those locations during verification (if that is the issue). For me it's not a problem but I can imagine as new users buy the sim that the same issues/questions will keep getting raised. Just trying to improve the whole package that's all.
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    I agree regarding what new users must think but I wouldn't hold my breath about it, this issue has been mentioned loads of times and nothing's happened and lets not forget the duplicate folder issue that's been with us since B198, but as you say they're obviously considered unimportant loose ends.
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    I'm not sure what the duplicate folder issue is but I think you should start a new thread about it in the "Bug Reports" section so that Tim can pass it on to the devs. I'm not sure what sort of bug tracking system they have but maybe that issue is not on it.
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    Well explain to me what the issue is ? because my build verified 100%

    Always has.

    It must be OS or the user


    wtf just run setup point to a drive and make fresh rFactor2 folder. wtf ? lol

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