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    it makes sense. and it's also feel from the experience of driving on rf2. Once you try rf2 and the way back does not exist .... :p
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    CPU limited, bottleneck is hard.
    I always say that a i7 4790K 4 cores/thread OC at 4.5ghz is better than an i7 8700k stock 6 cores/12 thread at 3.7ghz.
    Although rF2 improve Hyperthreading, it 99% depends of a SINGLE CORE. We are far far far awy form Battlefield 1 which uses 99% of ALL cores.
    You can follow the story on race departement where a sim racer has switched from i7 4790k OC to i7 8700k and has worst performance : HAHAAHAH.
    rf2 = single core thread.

    for the moment, the BEST CPU for gaming is the i7 8086K at 4ghz stock with 6 cores/12thread, but you have and you can easiliy OC it at 5ghz !!!! and for gaming like Battlefield 1 or 5 it's smooth like butter.
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