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    Hi, guys, im having problems with framerate.

    I did 3 benchmarks on Palm Beach, with honda touring cars.


    1. All offed/lowest setting

    min 118
    max 139
    avg 128

    2. Med settings (i halved the settings)

    min 90
    max 110
    avg 98

    3. All on/ max settings

    min 23
    max 35
    avg 28

    PC specs:

    Nvidia GTX 750 1gb
    i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz
    asus b-85 pro gamer motherboard
    1920x1080, single 60 hz monitor

    I did all of the benchmarks in balanced power plan.
    Also, there were no AI, no vsync, Level 4 AA, no FXAA. (and stock content)

    Comparing my settings to the recommended settings, its pretty close right?

    But I cant seem to get a stable 60 fps even with 20 ai cars or other players at one time. (especially at the start finish straight)
    The only way to do so, is to set everything off/lowest setting.
    All the car skins look like potatoes.
    I can run other games such as AMS,GSCE on max settings, as well as pcars on med settings, but rf2? its so laggy!

    The gpu selected is already the nvidia card.

    tl;dr Is it normal for me to play on everything low with the specs above?

    Please help, its so frustrating to be able to play other sims on med-high settings with 60+fps, but lowest settings on rf2.

    PS. sorry about the previous post, was just testing.
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