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Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Booth_doberman, Jun 26, 2018.

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    Here's a few things that it would be nice to have addressed.
    There should be a better way to add AI drivers to a race than one by one. If you set up your own drivers in the garage Tuning area, it's a tedious task to get them added to the race. You have to select Add Ai in the Standings windows and add them one at a time. It seems like there could be a way to list them separately in the Opponent filter in the race setup menu. I've done it editing MAS veh files, but that can get fiddly sometimes.
    I don't like the computer-generated names. I want to use my own, but I might not want to go through the labor of setting up a series or adding them as virtual drivers. Why can't I have a text file that it would read for default driver names?
    This one may be hard to explain. If you select your car and go to Tuning and want to Create a new driver, you can't use the same name anywhere else in the game. So if I set up a Booth_Doberman driver in the USF2000 series and then try to use Booth_Doberman in the endurance series, the car won't show up in the choose car window.
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    New UI should make this easier.

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