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    First of all, i´m no fanboy of any sim or game out there. I love simracing, made the decision a few years ago, to invest in a great simracing hardware like a DD-Wheel, Heusinkveld pedals and built me a self made motion rig. Started with Fanatec and Project Cars (as an early backer and crowdfunder) I found my love to simracing when I first tried Iracing. At the same time I bought Rfactor 2 because of all the positive comments in the forums about the physics and FFB. It was not on the level where I could enjoying simracing because of the lack of graphics, sounds, mp, performance, and so on. Physics alone isn´t everything to deliver an immersive sim experience. Tried AC, RRE too, but I think, I haven´t even 20 hours in game. Terrible. I always wanted to give RF2 a chance, started setting things up about 3- 4 times the last 4 years or so, but left it again. I liked the physics, but the rest was unenjoyable for me. Never understood all the positiv comments about it, because there where to many negative points, which destroyed the whole sim. So I sticked with Iracing. It was and is an absolutely hardcore sim with the best MP and I had the best races in Iracing until today. But yes, the tire model isn´t right. I´m afraid, that they are not able to deliver a realistic tire model with their current engine. It´s not that enjoyable, because a real car isn´t that hard to catch when sliding and in IR it is nearly impossible.
    So I tried RF2 again, read hours in forums, made a great FFB profile, searched hours for graphic settings for VR, sharpened the picture, even for the mirror adjustment you have to search and read!!?? It´s really a pain! Bought the GT3 pack, Sebring and ..... WOW!! The feeling, the FFB, the look, the bumps, the hits on my wheel! Simply amazing! Never felt this behavior and this connection to the road in any sim out there. To drive on the limit of the car and feel every bump and slide is so much fun I couldn´t believe it. So I ended with buying the endurance pack, the ferrari, Le Mans, track pack from Reiza and the Nordschleife ;D
    Everything is so great. And finally RF2 looks really really good with the new shaders and tracks. Much better then Iracing. The physics is without discussion the benchmark. The performance is also on a very good level. Even the motion output on my rig feels so much better. Don´t know why, because this should only be a profile setting, but it feel´s better... Long story short, I can finally understand all the "RF2 best sim out there"-comments, but RF2 also ruined all my other sims, because they can´t deliver that feeling ;)

    But some of the youtube videos about "RF2 is failing and is dying" makes me a bit worry. As I haven´t followed RF2-news and development the last years, I really don´t know, what is the real story. I know the LeMans 24h esports event and that it was a success, but not the plans from Studio397 in the next years.
    I (don´t bash me for this) would prefer a subscription model (at least for MP and organized races like in Iracing) because I can´t believe, that a developer can live and develop a sim year after year, makes it better and better, only from selling a few DLC cars and tracks.

    So I have a few questions and hope for some confirmed answers:

    What´s the future plans for RF2, apart from the new UI and a "competition MP system"?

    Which tracks are planned in the future (because there is still a lack of officially content)?

    Which race classes/cars are planned (formula e is a bit strange and not that popular in the simracing niche)?

    Will all the officially content getting the new shader update?

    Sound improvements (still strange wobbling sounds of AI cars in curves)?

    Rain/puddles update planned?

    I hope someone can answer a few questions, some officially answers would be great!
    Sry for my english!
    Have a nice day, thx
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    Glad you are at last enjoying the depth and fidelity of RF2.

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