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Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by CdnRacer, Jan 11, 2012.

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    GT3 rs v2 wheel.

    I'm playing with my FFB values in the userdata/player/ controller file. I'd like to know if I have to mirror these settings in the userdata/controller/fanatec porsche wheel file. Thanks.

    I meant to put this in the contoller section I don't know what happened. sorry!

    Hopefully a moderator could move this to the controller section. :)

    These are my FFB values. If you're interested have a look. I like very subtle FFB and I'm getting really close to perfect. I'll update if I get things better.

    Steering effects strength="7500.00000"
    Steering torque filter="0"
    Steering torque per-vehicle mult="0.30000"
    Steering torque zero-speed mult="0.30000"
    Steering torque sensitivity="1.00000"
    Steering torque extrap time="0.00100"
    Steering torque extrap blend="0.00000"
    Steering resistance type="1"
    Steering resistance coefficient="0.10000"
    Steering resistance saturation="0.10000"
    Steering spring coefficient="0.00000"
    Steering spring saturation="0.10000" )
    Rumble strip magnitude="0.00000"
    Rumble strip wave type="0".
    Rumble strip pull factor="1.00000"
    Rumble strip update thresh="0.05000"
    Jolt magnitude="0.00000"
    Throttle effects strength="10000.00000"
    Throttle effects on steer axis="0" .
    Throttle spring coefficient="0.10000"
    Throttle spring saturation="1.00000"
    Brake effects strength="10000.00000"
    Brake effects on steer axis="0" .
    Brake spring coefficient="0.30000"
    Brake spring saturation="1.00000"
    Clutch effects strength="10000.00000" )
    Clutch effects on steer axis="0"
    Clutch spring coefficient="0.20000" //
    Clutch spring saturation="1.00000" //
    Gearbox effects strength="10000.00000" //
    Gearbox effects on steer axis="0" // 0 =
    Gearbox spring coefficient="0.00000" //
    Gearbox spring saturation="1.00000" //
    Other spring coefficient="0.20000" //
    Other spring saturation="1.00000" //
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    If you manually change (text editor) any ini files in UserData\Controller\ you have to click the load button in the sim to load that ini file then the values are copied from the UserData\Controller \contollerName.ini file to the UserData\player\Controller.ini

    Except the Steering torque per-vehicle mult= setting that is indeed car specific.
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