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    yea thas not good if people doing that..i had that kind of expiriance in nkp,i knew the car limits on that track and using lowest downforce,and that guy just pass me like im standing stil..in short,we where lucky because nkp was small comunity and then all people was aware who was that guy..at the end he was sorry but his reputation never was the same.and that was on open server,in leagues we had some program to check everything is ok.
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    are you gona use newer Portugal 2.0 for race?
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    What do you mean a warp ?

    What on my server you noticed cars accelerating like F2's ?

    The guy was in the room for a hour lapping. ?

    I never keep old results I do fresh Lite

    I a bit lost by what you are saying mate.

    I know what happened, I know what we saw. :p

    okay forget it is not possible then, I don't care, I was worried for the people that league.
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    I remember this problem, whoever made the fast F3s didnt do it the right way so if you have both installed, you could get either one without knowing
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    Indeed. Last time I had the faster ones installed it was quite a mess.

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    V2.00 in at the server now.
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    seems a few drivers can get an extra 10/15kmh ..bit like DD's issue
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    ohh thats why I end up last all the time, I choose the wrong car.
    maybe bribe the hosts? Ill try that too.
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    I will, personally drive each car at Sebring tonight. I will post my findings later tonight.

    But I didn't come here for anything else but post the results from last weekend's race weekend on the F3 Fanatics! server.

    Howdy Race Fans!

    Well, just another fun filled race weekend on F3 Fanatics' server!

    I'd like to thank Tim "Bullwinkle" for posting the screen shots from the race... I assigned a key for recording screen shots. I was using the F12 for my Trackir.

    We seem to be picking up new drivers, welcome! I realize that these races are held at times not optimal to the majority of the drivers. Thank you.

    Well... Here's the results for Qualification.

    Pos Driver Vehicle Best lap Gap
    1 kiko0602 EVE F3 01:49.8788 -
    2 soadele EVE F3 01:50.1768 00:00.2980
    3 Sjakie Tecno F3 01:50.3521 00:00.4733
    4 Bwana Tecno F3 01:52.7192 00:02.8404
    5 hardtohandle EVE F3 01:52.7500 00:02.8712
    6 mel1c EVE F3 01:53.3326 00:03.4538
    7 Bullwinkle Tecno F3 01:53.5690 00:03.6902
    8 myself Tecno F3 01:55.4573 00:05.5785
    9 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE F3 01:57.1661 00:07.2873
    10 CousinM EVE F3 01:57.9219 00:08.0431
    11 PaulSwire [SR4L]EVE F3 01:59.8409 00:09.9621
    12 elbo Tecno F3 02:18.9808 00:29.1020
    13 50footELVIS Tecno F3
    14 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3
    15 Spinelli Tecno F3

    There was an Elvis sighting, but he stayed in his pit stall. Shame. : )

    Now for the race results!

    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Led Aids
    1 ▸ 0 kiko0602 EVE F3 17 31:39.6685 01:50.1669 17 PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ▸ 0 soadele EVE F3 17 +00:28.2994 01:50.6849 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 ▴ 2 hardtohandle EVE F3 17 +00:45.4516 01:53.0948 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 ▴ 2 mel1c EVE F3 17 +01:00.5788 01:53.5875 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    5 ▴ 8 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3 17 +01:05.1020 01:52.5432 0 PlayerControl
    6 ▴ 9 DMillard EVE F3 17 +01:24.8717 01:52.6588 0 PlayerControl
    7 ▸ 0 Bullwinkle Tecno F3 17 +01:30.9769 01:53.5684 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 ▴ 1 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE F3 16 +1 lap 01:57.6263 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 ▾ 6 Sjakie Tecno F3 12 DNF 01:50.2708 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    10 ▸ 0 CousinM EVE F3 11 DNF 01:56.9937 0 PlayerControl
    11 ▴ 1 elbo Tecno F3 8 DNF 01:54.8286 0 PlayerControl
    12 ▾ 8 Bwana Tecno F3 7 DNF 01:52.7520 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    13 ▴ 1 50footELVIS Tecno F3 6 DNF 01:57.8651 0 PlayerControl
    14 ▾ 6 myself Tecno F3 1 DNF 02:11.6824 0 PlayerControl
    15 ▾ 4 PaulSwire [SR4L] EVE F3 0 DNF
    © Simresults 2013-2015

    The only real problems were that there was a high percentage of people DNFing. We usually only have one or two who give up. My recommendation would be to stick with it. These cars aren't so fast that a few second off the track results in a situation where you can never catch the leaders. Even if you can't catch the leaders just remember, this is a "Just 4 Fun" series. You can always find someone to race against. I do.

    Next weekend, I'm hoping to see even more racers show up... The more the merrier, don't you know?

    This weekend, coming up's race will be held at Sebring. The course will be the 12H course. It's a real challenge. A very rewarding challenge.

    Stiffen up the front ARB, Shocks, and a click or two higher springs over stock and you'll have a good start. Shorten 5th a bit and bring up the lower three gears. Anyways, most of you guys don't like my setups... Grain of salt time... : )

    See you all there!

    Remember to donate to keep this server alive. My financials are upside down right now. So, I really need you money to keep this, the longest lasting, non-league run, server on rFactor2. The F3_Fanatics, on it's current server has been up and running every day since late May, 2012. Yup, it's run non stop for over 3 years.

    So, don't be bashfull. Please donate. via PayPal to birtwell@msn.com. And, don't forget; there is more infomation about this and many other series at www.simracers4life.com

    Thank you in advance.

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    What I experience, and only experienced it once on your server was a car flying by me. I warped. He warped. Someone did a warp, warp. : ) I don't remember who it was, I caught back up them right after.

    I figure what else it could have been. It was like I was standing still. Only happened once that night. Didn't think it was worth mentioning when I was on your server.


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    The problem with you guys having a problem is that I've never had it happen on my server. I have both sets installed... build after build, after build, after build. No problemo.

    That being said. rFactor2 does see them as the same class of vehicles. I did not make these cars and tried once or twice to get the two guys that did make these cars, to change the class. Obviously, that never happened. And, once again, I've never had a problem, in two years, running these cars. But I never made a vMOD containing both versions of these cars.

    So, I believe if there actually is a problem. It's the people making the vMODs that "hold" the problem.

    I don't run off line, but there would be the potential, off line, to select the wrong car. They do all have different 'names' than the IsI stock F3s. Especially the Sparks. They are called Technos.

    I think the problem on DD's server was a warp. I've had a very simular thing on DD's server, once. It was a warp. You guys do know the server records, as well as your home machines, everything that happens on the track... Everything. Even the chat buffer.

    Those files are in your documents/rFactor2/UserData/Log/Results folder. The XML files there can be read at www.simresults.net. That will tell all. Everyone that was on DD's server at the time that car was on the server has the files containing that information needed to figure out what was/is going on.

    So... If you suspect anything at all... no matter what that is, you have all the information needed to perform the investigative work yourselves.

    Have fun!
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    Howdy Race Fans,

    I don't know where to begin...

    First, thanks to Tim (Bullwinkle) for the screenies! I'll get it right one of these days. : )

    This weekend's race wasn't what it should have been.

    With this new build, and NRT-Dave changing the way my server runs, I thought I was going to be able to avoid the "Saturday Re-Boot".

    Things looked good, I could leave and get back in the server... Then word came to me, via Nickos, that Mel (mel1c) couldn't get in. So, I left the race and came back in twice and thought the problem was on Mel's side.

    The problem seemed to have gone away, as I saw Mel on the server after loading a new vMOD. If this is the same problem, I've been having on Saturdays, then I don't understand why I didn't have to actually re-boot the server, not just restart the dedicated.exe.

    We'll never know. But, from now on, I'll have to re-boot the server on Saturdays. I'll do it from work, before it gets populated.

    So... My deepest apologies to all of those who couldn't log onto the server. I guess I should have been wondering why there were only 12 drivers.

    Anyways, on with the results of this weekend's race!

    Name Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap Aids
    1 Sjakie EVE F3 9 02:20.1440 - Clutch
    2 ~IsR~three squares Tecno F3 10 02:21.2634 00:01.1194 Clutch
    3 hardtohandle EVE F3 11 02:23.2419 00:03.0979 Clutch
    4 NARU EVE F3 9 02:23.4780 00:03.3340
    5 elbo Tecno F3 15 02:23.5665 00:03.4225
    6 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3 3 02:24.2988 00:04.1548
    7 smbrm EVE F3 11 02:24.6753 00:04.5313 Clutch
    8 Bullwinkle EVE F3 4 02:25.2045 00:05.0605 Clutch
    9 Roberto EVE F3 8 02:25.3505 00:05.2065
    10 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE F3 5 02:30.5838 00:10.4398 Clutch
    11 cookie EVE F3 0 - - - -
    12 Geo_F1 Tecno F3 2 - - - Clutch

    Now how the race ended.

    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Aids
    1 ▸ 0 Sjakie EVE F3 13 30:48.7111 02:20.9926 Clutch
    2 ▸ 0 ~IsR~three squares Tecno 13 +00:10.5426 02:21.0684 Clutch
    3 ▴ 1 NARU EVE F3 13 +00:26.1171 02:21.9831
    4 ▴ 7 cookie EVE F3 13 +00:43.7265 02:22.4832 Clutch
    5 ▾ 2 hardtohandle EVE F3 13 +00:54.1121 02:23.1240 Clutch
    6 ▴ 2 Bullwinkle EVE F3 13 +01:02.5793 02:24.5574 Clutch
    7 ▾ 2 elbo Tecno F3 13 +01:04.4389 02:24.1908
    8 ▴ 1 Roberto EVE F3 13 +01:22.2356 02:25.8954
    9 ▾ 2 smbrm EVE F3 13 +01:33.3754 02:25.1912 Clutch
    10 ▾ 4 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3 13 +02:21.0736 02:25.3574
    11 ▾ 1 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE F3 13 +02:21.9970 02:27.8388 Clutch

    Well there ya have it... We should have had more of a crowd, and that's my fault. Shame.

    My only excuse was that it took me 45 minutes to get my home machine to boot. Sooo.... I'm actually going to do most of what I have to do before i leave work, next Saturday afternoon (Arizona time... lol).

    Next week's race is at Buenos Aires.

    Hope to see you all there!

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    Okay Kids,

    I got nothing to report... Well I'll report but, the server has two files, well more than two, but the two I'm referring to is the files for the quallie and race.

    Well, usually, I can pick them right out, and thought this time would be no different. I saw these two really big files; one ended with a Q for quallie and the other with an R, for... you guessed it, Race. WOW!

    Well, when I opened the quallie file up, I saw that there were only 6 racers. Should have been fourteen, or fifteen, or more. Hmmm, I said to myself... Hmmm.

    So, I opened the file for the Race. It looked familiar, oh... It's the same as quallie. You messed up. But, no. I didn't. They are the same.

    So, here is my report for the entire race.. Quallie included.

    The fast guys were fast and quallied in 1st place and the slower guys lined up behind the fast guy, as far as starting order went. I started last.

    The fast guys started up front and most of them, I think continued to be, well, fast. Some are really fast.

    Most of us know how to drive cleanly. One or two of us don't, passing no matter what the cost to others, and caused some kind of wreck, involving mel1c. I believe that was "backfire" that caused that mess. Shame, I watched the replay... shame.

    mel1c had no joy.

    All others found one or three guys to race against and had themselves some fun. I teamed up with and behind 1959nikos. T'was fun for us, the back-markers. 1959nikos constantly, reminds me that he's faster than me.

    Oh, back to the race, The fastest guy finished 1st and so it went until the slowest, guy that came in last, finished.... ummm.... last.

    No trophies awarded this week... Nor, last week, or... ever. I'd like to hand one out for bad etiquette, but alas, the budget doesn't allow for such niceties.

    I will be starting all future races; from the pits, so that I can, more easily, restart a race, or... take even more drastic measures, when when, even more, drastic measures seem warranted. Scary, what can happen, just scary. I don't even want to think about it, much less, address it here. Or there.

    Racing is racing, and racing is fun. Even a lap down.

    All you regular guys, that eat fruit and veggies, know how to start a race. Start going and don't actually try to drive through the guys in front of you.

    It seems that when a newcomer to our little, loving, family, comes to visit. They seem to think that just because there is traffic in front of them, that there is no real need to slow down, appropriately like. Nope, drive as fast as I can, as if there was, no traffic, and damn the torpedoes. I bet you didn't know torpedoes, has a silent e in it... Oh I digress.

    Anywho, sorry about not having any actual results. I could probably put something together, but this took less time and was way more fun, for me. So, you can look at your own computer's, save, results.

    documents/rfactor2/userdata/log/results. You'll see a bunch of .xml files. Don't be scared... not yet anyways.

    Go to www.simresults.net and, you'll see what to do. It's a way cool site, you can even re-read the text log.

    The race weekend was July 25,2015/ July 26, 2015.

    This weekend, Saturday, August 1/Sunday, August 2, brings us to Belgium to run, um Belgium.

    The track is more than just rubbered in. It's pretty much black as coal. ::)

    So, expect to see lap times, just over 00:04:00. Or, four minutes.

    See you all there, starting at 4:00pm Arizona time, which right now, is 12 midnight, in London. I think it's 2 am, where 1959nikos lives, In Athens.

    But, I live in Arizona, so it's my time zone that counts... I think.

    See you all at Spa, I mean Belgium.

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    Howdy Race Fans,

    Yup, we raced at Belgium, last weekend.

    This week, I got good files from the server. My home machine didn't have good files from the race two weeks ago...

    Any how, here are the results of qualifying. Nothing to note here. No PBs that I know of.

    Pos Driver Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap Aids
    1 Sjakie EVE F3 9 04:02.5662 - PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ~IsR~Kane Tecno F3 8 04:03.6097 00:01.0435 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 cookie EVE F3 4 04:05.0413 00:02.4751 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 H-R Paul EVE F3 8 04:05.0779 00:02.5117 PlayerControl, Clutch
    5 mel1c EVE F3 7 04:05.4203 00:02.8541 PlayerControl, Clutch
    6 Billy Blaze EVE F3 9 04:05.9681 00:03.4019 PlayerControl, Clutch
    7 hardtohandle EVE F3 6 04:08.7077 00:06.1415 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 Boxer EVE F3 3 04:09.1749 00:06.6087 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 Andres Valles EVE F3 3 04:12.3778 00:09.8116 PlayerControl, Clutch
    10 J-P Simard EVE F3 5 04:17.3307 00:14.7645 PlayerControl, Clutch
    11 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3 2 - - PlayerControl
    12 DanielS EVE F3 11 - - PlayerControl, Clutch, AutoShift=3, AutoBlip
    13 Porfirio Dias Santos EVE F3 0 - - -
    14 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE F3 3 - - PlayerControl, Clutch
    15 J-holley Tecno F3 1 - - PlayerControl

    That was quallie. Now, on to the Race:

    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Led Aids
    1 ▸ 0 Sjakie EVE F3 8 32:38.2064 04:03.5891 8 PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ▸ 0 ~IsR~Kane Tecno F3 8 +00:19.6924 04:03.4764 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 ▴ 2 mel1c EVE F3 8 +00:40.5082 04:06.8710 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 ▴ 3 hardtohandle EVE F3 8 +00:51.0846 04:07.3801 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    5 ▾ 1 H-R Paul EVE F3 8 +00:56.5822 04:06.3004 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    6 ▸ 0 Billy Blaze EVE F3 8 +01:45.1290 04:07.5968 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    7 ▴ 1 Boxer EVE F3 8 +01:58.1857 04:09.7450 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 ▾ 5 cookie EVE F3 8 +02:06.7167 04:12.7770 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 ▴ 2 1959nikos[SR4L EVE F3 7 DNF 04:15.3438 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    10 ▴ 4 Bryan Birtwell EVE F3 4 Fuel 04:07.1335 0 PlayerControl
    11 ▾ 2 Andres Valles EVE F3 1 DNF 04:12.9114 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    12 ▴ 1 DanielS EVE F3 1 DNF 05:06.9941 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    13 ▾ 3 J-P Simard EVE F3 1 DNF 05:02.0242 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    14 ▾ 2 Porfirio Dias Santos EVE F3 0 DNF - - 0 -

    Well those are the results. Plain and simple!

    A big round of aplause, and maybe a shaken up can of beer for Sjakie!

    A big congrats to the rest of the podium!

    I hope you all had fun, or if you didn't race and want to see what the excitement is all about,

    We'll see ya next weekend at Kyalami. Yup, a butt ugly rendition of this track. Looks like GPL to me, the track races just fine.

    You'll probably want to turn off HDR in your graphics settings. Too bright.

    Anyways, it will be fast and fun!

    Cya there!

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    Hey, really sorry about not getting this posted earlier. I've had an incredibly busy couple of weeks, with the release of Windows 10.

    Any how, due to an electical storm or three, I was not able to attend last weekend's, race weekend.

    But.. The server saves all.

    Here are the result of quallifying.

    Pos Driver Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap Aids
    1 Sjakie EVE F3 15 01:28.3818 - PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ~IsR~Kane EVE F3 17 01:29.0652 00:00.6834 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 mel1c EVE F3 18 01:29.4828 00:01.1010 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 cookie EVE F3 19 01:29.5197 00:01.1379 PlayerControl, Clutch, UnknownControl
    5 H-R Paul EVE F3 17 01:29.5251 00:01.1433 PlayerControl, Clutch
    6 ~IsR~three squares Tecno F3 18 01:29.7228 00:01.3410 PlayerControl, Clutch
    7 J-P Simard EVE F3 19 01:30.0025 00:01.6207 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 Billy Blaze EVE F3 21 01:30.1635 00:01.7817 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 PaulSwire [SR4L] EVE F3 7 01:33.9611 00:05.5793 PlayerControl, AutoShift=3, Clutch, AutoLift, AutoBlip
    10 Raimon34 Tecno F3 15 01:34.2991 00:05.9173 PlayerControl, Clutch
    11 Bryan Birtwell EVE 0 - - -

    Kind of a small turnout. Was the server behaving?

    Anyways, here't the reusults of the race itself.

    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Led Pits Aids
    1 ▴ 1 ~IsR~Kane EVE F3 21 31:24.8873 01:28.8888 20 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ▴ 2 cookie EVE F3 21 +00:30.1861 01:29.4685 0 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 ▸ 0 mel1c EVE F3 21 +00:31.7776 01:30.0254 0 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 ▴ 3 J-P Simard EVE F3 21 +00:50.8437 01:29.8660 0 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    5 ▾ 4 Sjakie EVE F3 21 +00:54.0573 01:28.5948 1 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    6 ▾ 1 H-R Paul EVE F3 20 +1 lap 01:29.6652 0 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    7 ▴ 2 PaulSwire [SR4L] EVE F3 20 +1 lap 01:33.3715 0 0 PlayerControl, AutoShift=3, Clutch, AutoLift, AutoBlip
    8 ▸ 0 Billy Blaze EVE F3 19 +2 laps 01:30.8086 0 1 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 ▴ 1 Raimon34 Tecno F3 7 DNF 01:33.5287 0 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    10 ▾ 4 ~IsR~three squares Tecno F3 0 DNF - - 0 0 -

    Well, there you have it. Late, but better than never.

    This weekend, we are doing Lienz. Tough to pass, but it can be done. Patience is the name of the game at this track.

    See you all there,

  16. Bryan Birtwell

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    Thanks to all who attended the race weekend, Congrats to Sjakie, a relative new comer to the F3 Fanatics. He's proving to be tough compitition to all!

    Here are some of the details of qualifying:

    Pos Driver Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap Aids
    1 Sjakie EVE 5 03:20.2652 - PlayerControl, Clutch, UnknownControl
    2 J-P Simard EVE 9 03:25.3392 00:05.0740 PlayerControl, Clutch, UnknownControl
    3 Eddy G EVE 4 03:25.4687 00:05.2035 PlayerControl
    4 Billy Blaze EVE 11 03:25.8925 00:05.6273 PlayerControl, Clutch
    5 Bryan Birtwell EVE 6 03:26.1569 00:05.8917 PlayerControl
    6 cookie EVE 9 03:32.4351 00:12.1699 PlayerControl, Clutch
    7 Bullwinkle EVE 9 03:34.2776 00:14.0124 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 Randy R EVE 6 03:48.4559 00:28.1907 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 PizzaChet Tecno 6 03:52.6183 00:32.3531 PlayerControl
    10 Oriol Tecno 0 - - -

    Now for the details on the race:

    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Led Aids
    1 ▸ 0 Sjakie EVE 9 30:34.3450 03:20.5692 9 PlayerControl, Clutch
    2 ▸ 0 J-P Simard EVE 9 +00:51.9387 03:24.2574 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    3 ▴ 1 Billy Blaze EVE 9 +01:21.4096 03:26.2480 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    4 ▾ 1 Eddy G EVE 9 +01:24.9193 03:24.9172 0 PlayerControl
    5 ▴ 2 Bullwinkle EVE 9 +01:36.5945 03:30.5360 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    6 ▾ 1 Bryan Birtwell EVE 4 DNF 03:26.1283 0 PlayerControl
    7 ▾ 1 cookie EVE 3 DNF 03:24.9183 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    8 ▸ 0 Randy R EVE 2 DNF 03:50.2842 0 PlayerControl, Clutch
    9 ▸ 0 PizzaChet Tecno 1 DNF 04:12.0591 0 PlayerControl
    10 ▸ 0 Oriol Tecno 0 No status - - 0
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    Howdy Race Fans,

    I want to opologize for the way these things look. I build and repair computers.... Don't ask me how to use them. There is a reason I don't sell any software... : )

    I never got around to the weekend, before last's race results. Sorry, I'm kind of a busy man these days.

    Hopefully, this week will be slower, whew...

    Anyways, here are the results of last weekend's race. We had a small turnout, but it was still fun! It's always fun! You guys make this fun! I only planned to run a 10 week series... I believe that ended 10 weeks ago. Or pretty close. I don't plan stopping any time soon. You guys are just too much fun to hang around with and race with to quit now! Actually, it's guys like you that make rFactor2 stand above all the rest. It just ain't the same racing anywhere else.

    Quallie went something like this... Oh, and it was really nice to see Nikos back behind the wheel too, although I did not give him the oportunity to say that he was faster than me. : Þ

    Pos Driver Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap Aids
    1 cookie EVE 12 01:33.5861 - Clutch
    2 J-P Simard EVE 14 01:35.2012 00:01.6151 Clutch
    3 Bullwinkle EVE 9 01:35.4666 00:01.8805 Clutch
    4 Bryan Birtwell EVE 12 01:35.9233 00:02.3372
    5 elbo Tecno 19 01:36.6516 00:03.0655
    6 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE 8 01:37.3896 00:03.8035 Clutch

    Now for the race results. It was a clean race, I had a rough start. I was pretty much the only driver that had to type "sorry" during the race.

    Game rFactor 2 (1.998)
    Date 2015-08-30 00:18:39 (UTC)
    Track Croft_Circuit, Croft -- Road Course
    Length 3463.7m
    Winner cookie
    Led most laps cookie
    Best lap cookie (01:33.8710)
    Max minutes 30
    Lasted laps 19
    Host ! ! F3Fanatics!
    Mod Still-more-fun-to-come
    Allowed Vehicles Modified Spark and EVE F3 series; 25% more HP and Torque than stock.
    Fixed setup No
    Other settings MechFailRate = 1, DamageMult = 0, FuelMult = 1, TireMult = 1
    Pos Up Driver Vehicle Laps Time/Retired Best lap Led Aids
    1 ▸ 0 cookie EVE 19 30:17.7478 01:33.8710 19 Clutch
    2 ▸ 0 J-P Simard EVE 19 +00:15.6318 01:34.6041 0 Clutch
    3 ▴ 2 elbo Tecno 19 +01:08.8180 01:35.1563 0
    4 ▾ 1 Bullwinkle EVE 19 +01:26.0834 01:35.2578 0 Clutch
    5 ▴ 2 H-R Paul EVE 18 +1 lap 01:36.0992 0 Clutch
    6 ▾ 2 Bryan Birtwell EVE 16 +3 laps 01:34.6796 0
    7 ▾ 1 1959nikos[SR4L] EVE 14 DNF 01:40.3744 0 Clutch

    Hope to see you all, and more, this weekend. Practice starts at Midnight, London Time. Race starts an hour after that... give or take. Fun is available 24/7 as well as a Team Speak server that's available to all, free of charge.

    If anyone knows of a track that we just need to race... let me know! I'm not that hard to get along with. Or am I??? : )

    The info for TeamSpeak is as follows:

    IP = Pass = EVE

    Thanks for the read,

  18. elbo

    elbo Registered

    Feb 19, 2012
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    A short, tight, between the walls, winding street circuit like Lester could be fun.
  19. Bryan Birtwell

    Bryan Birtwell Registered

    Jan 12, 2012
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    Lester could be a happening possibility! I happen to like the circuit very much.


    And... while I'm here:

    Hiya Race Fans!

    I really hope to see you all at Jarama, this afternoon, evening, (tomorrow) morning for some great fun.

    This is a really fun track with at least one turn that will chalenge you!

    No prizes, no bragging rights... Just fun!

    See you all there, on the F3_Fanatics! server.

    Fun starts... well, officially, at 4:00pm Arizona time. Mid-Night London time.

    TeamSpeak is available. IP= Password = EVE

  20. OldDarth

    OldDarth Registered

    Apr 4, 2014
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    Colour me blind but where does one go to download this and what files are needed to get up and running?

    There is no info in the first post of this thread.


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