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Discussion in 'Technical Archives' started by Minibull, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Probably not because of the unstable build, but I can't find the old forum for bug reports. Maybe Tim will move this, seeing as I can't find it XD

    Not sure if it's been reported before. The Eve F3 drive shafts don't seem to be connected to the rear wheels. There is a gap where the shaft meets the wheels, and I can see straight through too the ground below.

    Noticed it on Loch Drummond, all car, track, effects and shadow details set to max in the unstable build. When I looked in the car showroom (Garage selected as the style in the customization menu) everything looked fine. Tried it with all 3 of the Eve F3's actually ingame, and they all had a gap at the ends of the shafts.

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