Engine life monitoring during and export after the race

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    Why was it possible to see engine life in rF1 but not in rF2?

    It would be a great achivement if it would be possible to export into the result.xml for example the engine Lifetime value, just like the starting value is written into the engine.ini
    Very useful for example for leagues that want to exactly simulate the engine wear and choices in real F1 style (GPVWC Superleague)
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    Engine life wasn't visible in rF1 itself, rFDynHud (and others) made it 'visible' by pulling the car values out of the files and calculating the engine life having found/worked out how the various parameters contributed. But that didn't include any random element to the engine life, which most mods have.

    No reason you couldn't make a plugin to track and report engine wear, whether it's trying to replicate the game's own calculations or just using some custom parameters (matching the game would be better if you wanted the engine in the game to fail at the right time, but that would mean editing everyone's engine lifetimes race to race...). I don't think at this stage the calculation has changed markedly from rF1, you just need to know what the parameters are so encrypted mods are basically impossible.

    For the game itself I'd say this approach (exporting to .xml) would be a very poor substitute for a proper weekend/season format and component wear tracking that we can hope we'll see one day. (it's not that hard to imagine actually 'owning' a car, even if it's limited to a career mode, and you jump in for a few laps and it still has scratches and wear from previous sessions... racing purists wouldn't see that as necessary, but it would be a cool aspect of a simulation).
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