"Enable Autodownloads" problem

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by ledel, Jun 13, 2019.

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    I hosted a server with this option enabled:

    "Enable Autodownloads":true,
    "Enable Autodownloads#":"Whether to allow clients to autodownload files that they are missing."

    And I can down the rfmod(include 1 car and 1 track, about 200Mb) file from server automatic. But the download speed is unacceptable, only 100Kb/s. Far less than server upload bandwidth(100Mbps), copy single file from server is very fast(about 10Mb/s).

    Here is my config:
    "Downstream Rated KBPS":20000,
    "Upstream Rated KBPS":20000,​

    Is there a config option to setup the upload speed?
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    Can it be that you mean the download, not the upload speed?
    The only thing on rfactor side, in my opinion, is this entry in the multiplayer.json:
    "HTTP Server Send Rate":4294967295,
    "HTTP Server Send Rate#":"EXPERIMENTAL Data rate (kilo bits per second) at which internal HTTP Server will delivery content",
    But if it has the shown default setting it should be high enough.
    And it is commented as EXPERIMENTAL, maybe it is not in use.
    But you can try it out, if the download speed changes when you use a very low number.
    And don't forget: when you edit dedicated server files, before you do it, shut down the server and restart it, after the edited files have been saved.

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