DX11 initial update. My feedback

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by hamiltonfan2205, May 2, 2017.

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    Here I am going to post my feedback on the beta build for DX11.

    In terms of how it works, it works well. It is raceable and the overall graphics have taken a step forward. Before the graphics were very XBOX 360/PS3 esque, which a few years ago were mindblowing graphics but now it is dated. It still has a way to go to get to the level of next-gen consoles, but it is ahead of the XBOX 360/PS3 level it was before and it is ahead of games like AC graphics wise now, to be at this level when it is only the first beta release is brilliant! Not to mention the Invictus Motorsport car (my FSR team) looks amazing with the new graphics!!

    A few improvements that need to be made, firstly I'm coming across a bug which I am unsure is related but even if I turn 'Transparency AA' to False, the trees are still transparent. There are many objects that glare too much but that is track dependent and can be sorted out by modding teams. Night graphics have taken a major step forward, but still on tracks like Singapore, there are barely any reflections or shadows, unsure if that can be sorted by track modding but if not then hopefully S397 will address it. I am also getting slightly lower FPS with post processing on ultra.

    My improvement suggestion at the moment is to have a couple of options in the Display settings, one for Depth of Field and one for Glare Effects. It would be nice if you had the option to turn the Depth of Field on without turning the Glare Effects on, or the other way round, rather than have a choice of either both on or both off.

    Overall though this is a good start.

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