Dx 11 turn off "record replays" and goodbye micro stuttering

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    maybe is a coincidence , but i had micro stuttering issues even with the last beta, with full screen Vsynced on my triples with a 1080.

    was sync at 59.9 fps all time, with a 60-80 % of GPU use in a race with 20 AI .

    PP off most of things maxed but Shadows and effects on high , soft particles low and reflections low.

    ... stuttering festival, not unplaylable but almost.

    then i turn off "record replays" and everything was smooth fluid as in the lovely Dx9 version.
    then i turn off road reflections and put visible vehicles on 12, even better.... 35-50% of GPU use (that means something like 160-120 uncaped FPS.

    then i went one step forward more and increase AA to Level 5 and shadows to MAX.

    i realize that refections are more demanding than AA or shadows (at least for my i5 2500)

    my smile on the face comes with that level of detail,absoltely smooth with 20AI

    Rfactor have never look so good and so fluid

    Mutiview is impossible for me with that level of detail by the moment, i will play more with settings .

    i also dont know what will happen if i put PP effects on.

    anyway, my settings , maybe they will be helpfull for somebody




    Thanks Studio 397 for your hard work, especially this week with all those updates.


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