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Discussion in 'Plugins' started by kjlarkin, Sep 28, 2019.

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    I am working on a steer-by-wire system and using the g920 controller as my input device. I have become interested in autonomous to manual, and manual to autonomous driving transitions, and wanted to develop some software to test out different parameters during these transition periods (what types of activities can make it safer, more practical, more natural to the driver, etc).

    I think that (if it were possible), using the AI on RF2 would be a safer alternative for initial testing and verification.

    I would like to be able to implement a "virtual rumble strip" that will shake the wheel with force feedback, but also would not affect the steering within the simulation (as if the steer by wire system was actually implemented).

    This would be the first thing I would like to implement, I think if there is a way to do this then I could very easily get carried away with other ideas. So, i guess my base question is -- Is there a way for me to write a plugin to read in values from the input device, and then choose what to send to the simulation? kind of like a gate-keeper (for lack of a better idea).

    I have gotten some example plugins to work, and have VS installed and will be able to modify the example plugin as it is. I am just not sure if the direct level of control im looking for is available.

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    You can't directly modify the FFB, nor the steering input, via the plugin interface, no.

    It case it causes any confusion, rFactor 1 did allow plugins to modify the FFB, and what you see in the example plugin is only a leftover from that.

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