Driver Swap / Rejoin Server - Different weather/track condition

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by benkay, Dec 16, 2019.

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    Glad to see this has sparked a good discussion here, though no solution seems possible without S397's input on it.

    It's a real shame the team don't comment more on these bug report threads, I'd feel better even if they just said "we're aware".

    What seems mad to me, is if the RR really is 100kb-400kb in size, you'd think this could be downloaded from the server (even at a bandwidth restricted rate) simultaneously to the track loading all would be loaded in and correct when you jump in the car.

    One thing I've learnt from the above is that whilst my case was quite unique (though not really unique when we consider the number of disconnects we see in rF2 endurance races), in that I had to jump straight in the car on seems that under a normal driver-swap scenario, it would be a a sound insurance policy to choose to ride along with the previous driver for 3-4 laps in advance of the hand-over.
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