Dedicated server stuck on “attempting to direct connect”

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Stringbean781, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Okay, so I am having difficult with the rFactor 2 Dedicated server. Normally I just use logmein hamachi to set up servers and it works great for other games like Automobilista etc. I tried this with rFactor 2 but the server never appeared on the server list.

    I have now port-forwarded my router with correct ports. I have made an event that works and even put all items in a steam collection so people can download it all at once before joining. I bought a second copy of rFactor 2 on a different steam account to play on my laptop.

    My goal is to have the server on my desktop and let my dad race on it(the desktop) while I am on my laptop and friends join from their homes.

    My issue is that it has been very inconsistent. I followed this guide...

    I have only gotten my desktop profile to join the server event a I am able to drive with ai etc. My laptop on the other hand has failed every time. The game opens and says attempting to direct connect but the vehicle list never pops up and the large RACE button is not orange(not clickable). I have spent many days troubleshooting this and trying different techniques but have gotten nowhere.

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