Dead-zone in Throttle Pedal of EnduRacer Cars

Discussion in 'Third Party Content' started by Alastar, Sep 14, 2019.

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    There's a large deadzone in the throttle pedal when I begin to depress it, in the EnduRacers Endurance Series' cars. I don’t have this problem with the 397's cars or the other third-party cars.

    This Inside Sim Racing web page talks about the problem and suggests fixes.

    I tried the suggestions on this web page and nothing has worked. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    If the problem is specific to that mod there's nothing you can do. Those fixes are all general, for controller settings that have become broken in some way (those set min and set max buttons aren't normally needed, I've seen several people with messed up controller files after playing with those).

    Throttle mapping and turbos are defined in the mod, they may reflect some unique characteristics of the cars or they may just be done wrong.

    *well, you could maybe adjust the throttle axis sensitivity to try and compensate, but it's only so powerful.

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