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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by TheSuisseExpress, Oct 15, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've recently started experimenting a good bit with running GT3 cars on oval tracks. As backwards as it sounds, it works better than you might think when you set everything up correctly. The idea behind it is to best replicate the NASCAR Next Gen car, which is rumored to be sporting a full on diffuser.

    The mod that so far best replicates the NG on paper is the BMW Z4 GT3: 550hp like the real car (atleast on speedways), good handling characteristics, proportions even look like the car!

    The problem comes that the particular mod (and a few others that aren't GT3 cars) has an issue where cars can get stuck inside each, creating race ruining crashes that take half the field out (Not NASCAR style big one's, but just cars slamming into other cars at full speed), or otherwise damaging the player car beyond repair if they are involved in such a scenario.

    Is it possible to fix this from my side (besides turning off damage)? Or would this be an issue that would have to be rectified by the mod author?

    Additionally, if anyone knows of some good similar GT3 mods that don't experience this issue, I would love to have a look at them for a back up option, or otherwise replacement.


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