Damage in rFactor 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hexagramme, May 9, 2014.

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    That's disappointing for me.

    I have raced from Papyrus' Indy 500 & Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix all the way through every iteration - Nascar 1, 2, 3, 2003, Indycar 1&2, GP 2,3,4, EA's short-lived F1 series (remember those!) Psygnosis' Playstation F1 series, Grand Prix Legends, SIMBIN's entire opus, Codemasters' TOCA Touring Car onwards up to F1 2013 :rolleyes: plus loads of less mainstream games like NASCAR Heat, EA's Nascar Series, Microsoft's Indycar etc etc.

    I like racing games, yeah?

    Nothing has held my suspension of disbelief quite like RF2 - until you hit a wall doing 200 mph. Then it just evaporates. When you get it wrong at Indy, clip the apron and are sent careering into the wall at 200mph and you do five rolls on the apron and you're missing a front wheel and wing. That dissipates my pretence at realism.

    The thing is, I get that rFactor 2 is a driving simulation, but contact is a part of motorsport as much (if not more) than weather. It doesn't rain every race, but there is either car/car contact or car/wall contact every race. IRL, the slightest collision can have a major impact on a race and in my humble opinion, it makes the driver better, because they have to avoid that. Not just beat the opponents, but the race course as well.

    This was the state of play a full 20 years ago:

    Are we really saying that we cannot achieve those levels of realistic damage these days?

    It would add so much to the racing - you might have it in the bag, leading by 20 seconds on the last lap, but then, you lose concentration and put a wheel on the grass and it spins you into the wall. Your car hobbles onto the track, you can see the rest of the pack barrelling towards you as you limp toward the finish line. Suspension is damaged, your wheel punctured, no downforce due to the lost front wing. You only clipped the wall at around 25mph. You see the finish line ahead, smoke is pouring off your punctured tyre as it starts to shred, the pack is now right behind you......do you make it, to win your first race?

    I apologise, Tim if it seems like I am having a go at rFactor 2, I'm really not - this is directed towards every racing game in the last ten years. I loved Grand Prix Legends, because even driving the car around two corners felt like a massive achievement and it punished you mercilessly if you got it wrong, but the feeling when you got it right was very rewarding.

    Please think of this as an impassioned plea (because it is!) rather than a rant. I love rFactor and it is an amazing achievement for you and all your team, I would just like it to be the undisputed champion of all sim racers that was ever produced. I want people to compare a game in ten years time and say: "Yes, but look at rFactor 2 - it kills this modern rubbish."
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    COuld not agree more mate


    Im to a player in my yourth of games such as geoff crammonds etc etc.. and wonder why in somethings we have seemed to gone backwards.
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    I like the way you think... And post. Thumbs up. :)
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    I see people getting away with love taps with the walls way too much in every sim relative to reality.
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    This. Reminds me of the incident Bottas had in Melbourne this season when he just touched the wall but it was enough to break his tyre. You don't see people getting any damage from similar touches in any sim...

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