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  1. Been looking all morning for some kinda documentation about how to exactly use the cut track feature in rf2.
    I see some ISI tracks has
    cutjoiningthresh etc - but there are no documentation (or at least not that i can find) about this anywhere.
    Could you please provide this for us?
    Also for the devmode feature.

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    Beside the corridor settings in the AIW file you have to edit the GDB file of the track. You can find a brief description in the following thread (just search for "Variables to control behavior when Cutting the track and/or going wrong direction"). The following nine variables allow you to configure the behavior of rFactor2. There is not a lot of experience - thus It would be great if you could post your best-of settings.
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    I just asked around to double check.

    CutLeavingThresh = 2.5 // Threshold for leaving track
    CutJoiningThresh = 1.0 // Threshold for re-joining track

    These are distances outside the cut track corridors when we consider the car off track, and rejoined. It is from the front car centreline where all timing / scoring is done from.

    CutPassPenalty = 0.40 // Penalty for each driver we pass (this is an inaccurate indicator)
    This is the penalty for passing each car while off-track. 3 cars, add 3*0.4=1.2 penalty score.

    CutTimeRatioMax = 0.95 // Start penalizing even if we lose 5% of time
    We start considering it a cut if you match the predicted speed to within 5% by default. If you're off track for 1.052s, but the predicted time is 1.0s, then there is no 'penalty' added.

    CutTimeRatioPenalty = 0.35 // Penalty for fraction of time savings
    If you're off track for 2s, and the predicted time is 3s, which is then increased by 'CutTimeRatioMax' 3/0.95 3.15s, then the fraction saved is 1-2/3.15=0.365
    Multiply this by CutTimeRatioPenalty and you get an additional penalty score of 0.12775

    CutSecondsSaved = 0.75 // Penalty for each second saved

    If you save an estimated 1 second off your lap time, add 0.75 to the penalty score.

    CutWorstYawPenalty = 1.5 // Penalty for staying under control

    Penalty score from the car being under perceived control, if the yaw angle is 0 then that means you followed the track perfectly, you get 1.5 penalty added, if you spun the car 180° you'd have a -1.5 penalty score added. It follows the cosine of the max yaw angle you achieve thus, a 90 degree spin would give a penalty score of 0. This should be less than CutWarningThresh.

    CutDirectionalPenalty = 1.0 // Penalty (actually reward) for being in wrong direction
    If you're moving in the wrong direction, it will subtract this from the penalty score.

    CutWarningThresh = 1.6 // Threshold for warning (or disallowance of lap)
    This should be greater than 'CutWorstYawPenalty', otherwise you will usually receive warnings / penalties even if you have done nothing wrong.

    CutStopGoThresh = 3.0 // Threshold for immediate stop/go penalty
    This is set high enough to immediately penalize blatant cheating.

    To help tune these, in dev mode you can look into a +trace=3, trace.txt file and look for scoring.cpp entries which will list violations from your driving.
    They look something like this.
    score.cpp 2988: Rejoined track after possible cut: lap diff = 0, time into lap = 38.576565 - 33.455334, cut et = 4.019997
    score.cpp 2994: Rejoined track after possible cut penalty=0.11338: time ratio = 0.323939
    score.cpp 2997: Rejoined track after possible cut penalty=0.93930: time saved = 1.101234
    score.cpp 3002: Rejoined track after possible cut penalty=2.37280: worst yaw = 0.955664
    score.cpp 3010: Rejoined track after possible cut penalty=2.34417: direction = -0.028626

    From this example, the final entry penalty=2.34417 is the score I was given for that particular cut, enough to warrant a warning, but not enough to exceed the CutStopGoThresh.
    Penalty (in the trace.txt file) is the cumulative penalty score after each attribute of the infringement is added. In the above example, the first is time ratio = 0.323939 which was multiplied by 0.35 to give penalty=0.11338
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    Is this feature working in rf2 ????? Are ppl using it when building tracks ???????????? Is it to complicated to use ??????
    would like to know more.
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    Does someone know if this is still valid? Tried a level 3 trace in development mode, cut the track several times (the message appeared onscreen), but no score.cpp messages in trace file. Tried trace level 5 (max level as far as I know), but no luck

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    @rigodon I don't think trace= ever went above 3 as far as actually doing anything, but more recently (than Michael's post there) I think I saw Marcel (or perhaps Christopher) say that the public builds don't have trace above 2. I'm assuming that includes dev mode.

    So it's perhaps possible those messages require trace 3 as Michael said, but we don't have access to that trace level anymore.
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    OK, that explains it, and it's useful information gone if you want to adjust cut detection :(
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    The above information is no longer correct. Manual corridor adjustments no longer effect cut corridors. Normalization of corridors does by default though. But there are check boxes for all this in the roll outs when you have waypoints selected.

    Additionally logging of cut track behaviour is not currently exposed in the log file. This is a known issue.
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