Ctrl + f without the wall of text.

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by ADSTA, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Seeing as rf2 has ditched its beta tag I would love to have our old FPS meter back without the debug/log data.
    Even better, seeing as there is some useful info for the end user amongst the wall of text make cycling Ctrl +f bring up different info. One idea,

    Top right of screen
    (1) Press once: FPS "live", same as the original.
    (2) Press twice: (1) + FPS Average, Min, Max

    Top left of screen
    (3) Press three times: CPU Usage, GPU Load and Temp, rF2 Ram.
    (4) Press four times: wall of text as it is now.

    I know Steam has a FPS meter but with triple monitors it is put, very inconveniently, in the outside corners of the side monitors, the same as the rF tyre grip/heat? display that is at the top left of the left monitor.
    Ok for single monitors but not user friendly for triple monitors.

    I'm hoping that the removal of the eyesore, or maybe the toggling on/off of it is soon to come.

    I think I deserve a rum now! ;)
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    I have random stuttering problems, which disappear in general when I put this FPS display.

    @S397 work on it.

    Actually, this display is very embarrassing, and since I can not always do without it, a really minimal display would be fine ....

    but if it still resolves my problem .......

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