Correct downforce- and drag levels F1 2019?

Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by Navigator, Sep 21, 2019.

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    Hi, as I still have a few weeks to go with my game, I thought I'd fiddle with my F1 2019 mod somewhat.
    Useless, I know, but I have to have something on my hands.

    Anyway; I'm looking for a week now for the proper downforce levels (also drag btw) for this car and can't seem to find any; they are old, they contradict, they seem way off.......

    Did anyone ever come across a proper site of knowledge about the subject?
    And if so; would you mind sharing that one with me?
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    4 is generally my go-to site when it comes to technical info on F1. They have some great articles, and their forum is an ocean of information.

    Here are some articles that give you an estimate of the current downforce/drag coefficients and distribution:

    The Ground Effect
    How the 2019 regulations have affected the aerodynamics of F1 cars

    Some quotes from the forum threads:
    "F1 nowadays is 5.0<CzS<5.5 (it's difficult to find/give an exact value) or up to 15kN at 150mi/hr which is ~3370lbf."
    "L/D has been around 5 for a few seasons and Cd is around 0.7-0.8 so Cl is around 3.5-4. Exact value depends on circuit and car."

    It goes without saying that these values are only ballpark. No one really knows the exact values, but through some testing you should be able to find a good level.

    On my own project, I found that the drag coefficients are a touch too low (depends on your engine power). Peak engine power on my project is about 930 hp (max engine mode), which is allegedly lower than the peak power of today's F1 car. Difficult to simulate a hybrid engine with little to no confirmed data, so you just have to find a decent guesstimation.
    For downforce, I've been playing around the info that's been given above, and slightly more. I've had good results with both alternatives, but still unsure what to run with. Tyres also play a big part in corner performance, and I have little to no knowledge of tyres, or any data available, so there's been a lot of tweaking in the dark there.

    Good luck with the testing and your mod!
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