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    This is NOT the Reiza Studios DLC, but a conversion. It was on the workshop at one time. (I think)
    But there is one dx11 type error. On the backstraight, a pit building appears as a perfectly round sun that takes up the left side of the screen until you get past the 2nd pit area.
    Anyone else see this? I was using S397 GTE & GT3 with some 3rd party skins. I made sure all the cars had graphics, no white cars.
    this next image shows something that was not visible in real-time. As the sunspot fades, it reveals a ? over the starter stand object. But all I could see when driving was the bright spot changing to stand just as I drove by. This ? only appeared for a frame or two before the Starter Stand was correctly displayed. But too late as it's visible from the moment you clear the Oak Tree corner.
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