Constant High CPU Usage Spikes in 4 Threads

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Mark Krus, Mar 23, 2021.

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    My specs:
    Ryzen 5900x @4.6Ghz
    32GB 3600Mhz CL16 ram
    RTX 2070

    I have tried a whole slew of things and I can't get my computer to stop doing this. It does this in the menu before I load a track and during and after and while I race; all the time. Below is a screenshot of my CPU usage.

    This program, Process Explorer, tells you what is using the most percentage of your CPU by hovering your mouse over the graph and at any point in those 4 threads the most usage will be rfactor 2.exe.

    I do the tweaks listed in Risto Kappet's thread:

    Here is a short list of some stuff I've tried that didn't work:
    -Tried all different sync settings in launch graphics settings
    -Selected GPU in graphics settings
    -Set "use thread" to true and false
    -Launched in single screen or triple screen
    -Disabled all plugins
    -Deleted cbash and shaders content
    -Uninstalled all non-S397 content
    -Tried factory settings on BIOS
    -Updated BIOS and drivers
    -Tried different AMD overclocking configurations
    -Updated Windows
    -Updated nvidia drivers
    -Tried disabling fullscreen optimizations on rfactor 2.exe
    -Disabled anti-malware, windows defender
    -Created exceptions in firewall
    -Turned hyperthreading off
    -Disconnected wheel and pedals
    -Switched audio device to monitor and disabled Realtek audio device in BIOS
    -Tried Game Mode on and off
    -Updated AMD Chipset Drivers
    -Tried setting "autonomous render thread" to false
    -Tried deleting the Userdata folder and letting rF2 replace it

    What causes these high CPU usage spikes? I can't be the only person experiencing this.
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    Maybe in player.json, try setting "UI autonomous renderer thread" to "false".
    And try with a clean user profile (rename the UserData folder)
  3. Mark Krus

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    Neither of these solved the issue.

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