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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Ian-C, May 9, 2017.

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    Hi All

    Regarding this DX11 update firstly I'm confused, I am not subscribed to the beta and yet I'm getting updates for the beta (i.e. a 1.7GB update today). I found the following post which confuses me even further...

    So if your updating the content i already have why do i need to further subscribe to more mods in the workshop?

    The other thing that concerns me is what is going to happen to all the existing content i am subscribed to or have purchased for rF2? will this content still work in the DX11 version, will i be able to stay with the DX9 version for all my existing content and will the servers be compatible with both the DX9 and DX11 versions?

    It's all very confusing and i have little time to read through loads of forum posts to find answers to common questions so is there a Q&A or is there one planned to answer all these questions?
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    Well it seems that you didn´t read anything on this forum!
    All of this was answered already. But yeah, it is easyer to write a question/rant post.....

    Besides that I would agree with you when you say that rF2 is a mess right now (but you didn´t said that!).
    It was wrote that DX11 update will be made compatible with existing content,- what is clearly not the case.
    But when contents in DX9 version updates automaticly than it seems to be clear that you don´t have to subscribe to them anywhere!
    Not? Please turn on your brain for just a second!
    Tell you what: If youre unsure, just stay on existing build, don´t change anything until the major big all around-update comes.
    then you will be forced anyways! The same thing I will do, until this mess is over and rF2 is at a solid new state....
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    and about old content that don't get updated from modder, it will work in DX11... maybe it will not look good or things like that, but it will work.

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