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Discussion in 'User Interface and HUD Modding' started by Cananas, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Probably we could consider this just a bug, buty anyway, I want to understand how it Works the Fonts in TGA files...

    I know the fonts are stored in a TGA file with an alpha channel. For the message box I think is the RFACTORFTHUD.TGA file.
    Also known there are some kind of tool like Bitmap Font Generator. I tried this tool, but characters are not sorted like the ISI...

    Is it posible to modify and existing TGA file? I also tried without look. Just opened the TGA file in PSP, saved as without any change (24/32bits, w/o compression), Tried in DEVMODE and rfactor2 crashed when entered to RACE.

    What I want to do is to interchange some characters to make possible a correct translation to other languages (IMHO this is a BUG). In the pictures attached, the row with red letters is what I wrote in the DIC file. The row below is the result. As you can see, those characters are misplaced at all.

    View attachment 14088

    Is it posible to do this (just an example)?:
    View attachment 14089

    Anyway, I hope ISI fix this issue in the FONTMAINMENU.TGA and RFACTORFTHUD.TGA, and sort the characters correctly.
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    Sigues con este problema?
    El TGA lo has de guardar como TGA en photoshop. Y cada celda de letra tiene un sistema de uso, tienes unos cuadrados enmarcados por unas lineas azuladas, y si te fijas bien, en la linea superior de cada cuadrado, hay un pixel amarillo (creo). Cada letra se inicia desde el lado izquierdo del cuadrado, y termina su longitud de letra en ese pixel amarillo, es el delimitador, creo que siempre tiene que llevarlo, todos los cuadrados deberian llevarlo.
    El TGA tiene capa alpha, y esta es la que determina que es lo que se ve de la capa RGB, igual que los DDS.
    Simplemente copia los cuadrados originales, y colocalos en su sitio correcto, no deberias tener problemas de esa manera. Acuerdate de copiar tambien la capa Alpha!

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