CFEG's - 12 Heurs Du Mans [19th May]

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    Welcome to Le Mans
    The pinnacle of Multi-class Endurance Racing. Held in the hearland of France since 1923, it is one of the most prestigious and challenging races in the world and has been known as the "Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency". The Event only takes place once every year, with teams travelling from around the globe to claim victory in what is a vast and rich heritage of motorsports finest cars and teams. So, we just couldn't resist.

    This will be CFEG's longest ever event, spanning an entire 12 hours of adrenaline filled racing against some very competitive opponents. Using the very latest version of Enduracers Endurance Mod, we offer YOU the chance to win your very own Le Mans race without having to register to a championship or commit to anything more than what you see in front you. Entry is free of charge, and all we ask if is you turn up if you claim one of our slots, whether it be LMP2, LMP3 or GTE.
    Full Details
    Find below full details of the event along with how you can register your team, please bare in mind that there are a limited amount of spaces available, however you may still apply and be placed on our reserve list should all vacancies become taken. We hope to see you on the grid.

    1.0 - Contact Information + Index

    1.1 - Should you have any questions please contact CFEG via our email @, or contact us via our Discord channel @ Please ensure that you include your name + team before sending your message.

    1.2 - Index:
    • 2.0 - Server Information and Event Procedure
    • 2.1 - Event times
    • 2.2 - Server Details
    • 2.3 - Track conditions
    • 2.4 - Qualifying Procedure
    • 2.5 - Race + Driver Regulations
    • 3.0 - Registration
    • 3.1 - Download links
    • 3.2 - Custom Paint schemes
    • 3.3 - Current Line up/Spotter Guide
    • 4.0 Track Limits
    • 4.6 - Flag Rules
    2.0 - Server Information and Event Procedure

    2.1 - Event times
    Date: Saturday 19th May 2018
    Times in BST: (British Standard Time)
    Practice: 11:00 Hrs (1 Hour)
    Driver Briefing: 11:45 Hrs (15m)
    Qualy: 12:00 Hrs (1 hour)
    Race: 13:00 Hrs (12 Hours)

    2.2 - Server Details
    2.2.1 - The server will always be called “CFEG 12 Heurs Du Mans”
    2.2.2 - All passwords will be announced on our Discord channel, you will need to identify yourself in order to be given access to the championship chat room. Discord -

    2.3 - Track conditions

    The Event shall have the following conditions
    - Have x1 Fuel Consumption
    - Have x2 Time Acceleration
    - Have x1 Tire Wear
    - Have a Rolling Start
    - Have weather set to Dynamic (will be based on real life weather forecast on the day)
    - Have Flag rules ON (yellows/blues etc)
    - Have cut track penalties ON
    - Have set times for Practice ,Qualy and the Race

    BEFORE THE START OF QUALIFYING, TEAMS MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE DRIVER ON DISCORD FOR A PRE-RACE BRIEFING, THIS IS COMPULSORY. If you cannot attend you MUST inform an admin member so they can hand you the drivers briefing before the race starts.
    2.4 - Qualifying Procedure
    2.4.1 - Teams must ELECT ONE driver to Qualify for them
    2.4.2 - The driver that has qualified for the team MUST start the race.
    2.4.3 - Any team who fails to follow this procedure will be awarded a 10 Second stop and go penalty at the start of the race.

    2.5 - Race + Driver Regulations
    • Warm up Lap + Race start
    2.5.1 - The driver who has Qualified MUST start the race for the respective team. They will have 30 seconds to GRID their vehicle before the safety car begins its warm up lap.
    2.5.2 - During the warm up lap, all Drivers MUST remain BEHIND the car ahead of them, a failure to do so will result in a stop and go penalty of 10 Seconds.
    2.5.3 - Each class is required to leave a 10 second gap to the Class ahead when conducting their warm up lap to avoid incidents come corner 1.
    2.5.4 - The RACE will START when the LEADER of EACH CLASS (lmp2/lmp3/gte) crosses the START/FINISH line.
    2.5.6 - IF the LEADER has not STARTED the race AFTER the start/finish line then all other drivers are free to overtake.
    2.5.7 - If the LEADER, or any other driver begins the race BEFORE the START/FINISH line, then they shall receive a stop and go penalty

    2.6 - Driver Stints + Pit stops
    2.6.1 There are no regulations surrounding stint times, or pit stops for this particular event.

    3.0 - Registration
    - Competitors can apply by completing the following form @
    - Teams must have a MINIMUM of 2 Drivers
    - Teams Are allowed a MAXIMUM of 3 Drivers
    - Once registering, teams should Join the discord channel to be given the server details @

    3.1 - Download links
    - The track we will be using can be found @
    - The Cars we are using can be found @

    3.2 - Custom Paint schemes
    - If you are entering a team which has a custom pain scheme, please sent a completed .MAS file to OverTheLineon our Discord Channel @
    - You can submit a custom paint scheme up until the 16th May, after which there will be no further updates to paint package.
    - In order to Download the car templates, please visit @

    3.3 - Current Line up/Spotter Guid

    Updated 12:00 Hours 14.05.18

    4.0 Track Limits
    4.0 - This article outlines the rules and regulations surrounding track limits and general sportsmanship. All participants are expected to abide by these rules, respecting track limits and other competitors.
    4.1 - Do NOT block the track, or position your vehicle with the intention to cause another competitor to Lose time, have an accident or Collide with your own or another vehicle.
    4.2 - Do NOT exceed the track limits or Cut any part of the circuit, with the intention to gain time unfairly against another competitor (the track limit is defined by the outer white lines of the circuit. Any driver who fails to have at least x2 wheels within the white lines is considered to be outside the track limits, and may find themselves open to review).
    4.3 - When entering or exiting the pits, drivers must NOT exceed or go over the white lines designed to guide vehicles/drivers on and off of the circuit. Any driver who does so could find themselves being issues with a drive through or stop and go penalty.
    4.4 - When rejoining the circuit after an accident, it is the responsibility of that driver to ensure that they do so without impeding or causing another competitor (Whether they are rejoining or not) to lose time, have an accident or collide with another vehicle.
    4.5 - When defending a position, competitors are restricted to making ONE Defensive maneuver in order to defend that position. Any Competitor who Blocks in an unsportsmanlike manner is open to investigation.
    4.51 - When defending a position, the Defender must make his intentions clear. Defenders who force another vehicle off track (as a result of defending “too late”) will find themselves under investigation

    4.6 - Flag Rules

    4.6 - When the Yellow flag is displayed, all vehicles must reduce their speed until they have safely passed the incident
    4.61 - All drivers must remain in their respective positions while the yellow flag is displayed.
    4.7 - when the blue flag is displayed (whether for a faster class or not), drivers must prepare to concede their position in a safe manner
    4.71 - Drivers are expected to remain “predictable” when conceding their position and should remain on the racing line as much as possible
    4.72 - It is the responsibility of the Overtaking vehicle to ensure that they pass cleanly without causing the conceding vehicle to collide, or be “pushed wide” (provided the conceding vehicle has met point 4.71)
    We hope that you are exctied to join us for this event, we have tried our best to ensure that everyone will have a good time (you think its boring reading rules, try writting them). If you want to speak with us, or if you have any questions or concerns then feel free to contact us.

    Thank you for taking your time to visit CFEG, and we hope to see you on the grid!​
    CFEG Admin team
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    Practice server is live, it does NOT have a password on it at present and is rotating practice.

    name : CFEG 12 heurs du mans

    Get that practice in and register your teams! :)
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    Drive the LMP3 at Le mans this May! This V8 Nissan powered car is the entry level for the Prototype Category, but don't let that fool you into thinking its an easy drive. Weighing in at 900kg and producing 420bhp, this machine will be more than a challenge for those looking for a bit of a bigger challenge than the GTE cars. Buckle up and get those cars ready. Take on the challenge of Le mans with CFEG!

    Register @
    Full details @ http://www.chequeredflagendurance.c...s/one-off-event-12-heurs-du-mans-sign-up-open

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    Grand Touring cars are bread and butter of Endurance racing. Some of the biggest names have all claimed the title at Le Mans, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford, Corvette and more. The cars that compete here are the most updated and technically advanced GT machines on earth. Each year it appears someone else has the advantage. With Aston martin claiming the most recent title in 2017.

    To drive a GT at Le Mans is a special experience, whether its on a sim or in real life, the track, along with the car will create an atmosphere unlike any other. This is your chance to do just that, with 12 hours of racing this may at CFEG. So pick wisely, and enjoy those roaring engines down the Mulsanne straight!
    Register @
    Full details @ http://www.chequeredflagendurance.c...s/one-off-event-12-heurs-du-mans-sign-up-open


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