Car Ride Height Stuck in Showroom

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Mangoletsi, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Hi guys, I'm using 3DSimEd to convert an old car from GTR2 to rFactor2 for personal use.
    I've got the car into rFactor2 and it's driveable on track, and all the wheelbase, front and rear track have been set, and all drivesand lines up beautifully.

    My problem is in the showroom. The bottom of the car sits on the floor of the showroom.
    The bottom of the car body was at 0 on the z axis in 3dsimed. I have reset pivot to 0,0,0 in 3dsimed, no effect. I've moved the car body around a metre in the air in 3dsimed, but once loaded into the showroom, the car body is still sitting flat on the showroom floor.

    I've never had this problem in rFactor1. In theory, the suspension and physics files shouldn't be effecting the car in the showroom. Any idea's what's locking the car body to the floor in the showroom?
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    Is it the same when you only load the body mesh in the showroom?
    If not, check the pivot points of the other meshes, that are in the same instance together with the body mesh, if they are 0,0,0 also.
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    I don't think the physics files affect how the car shows in the showroom well they dont for me.
    How does the car look in 3dsimed cause that's what you should see in showroom.

    I agree with bernd has to be a pivot issue.

    What is the z pivot of your rims and wheels?
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    Ride height in game is taken from the radius in the TBC file. Have you adjusted this to be the same as the the TGM file. This may be a solution?
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    The bottom of the body model should sit at (0,0,0).
    There are entries in the HDV to raise the body. I'd browse through them, and compare to entries that ISI-S397 uses. Could be old style entries doing weird things in the new system?

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