Car dropouts in Multi Sessions

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Adrian Redman, Jun 24, 2022.

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    Greetings oh Great Ones..

    It seems to me that no one is blaming 397 for this issue.
    Every comment I've read on this subject talks of ppl resetting the software on their own machine, and blaming themselves for something that was totally out of their control. And had never happened before.

    Our group have been racing successfully in many class of cars enjoying private Championships for several years. We LOVE RF2. It has the best physics out of all the racing sims. We choose it over iRacing anyday.
    UNTIL, 397 introduced an update to the IR18 and the Formula Pro with these 'Test' cars. We looked forward to the sparks, the change down protection, they looked great. Until we fired up another multi session, and it went tumbling in a heap. Cars dropping out, couldn't change out of first gear... So we rolled back to various Betas, some worked, some didn't, so we dumped the test cars and went back to earlier versions. That worked for a few months, but even now, it is impossible to race together with the IR18's as it has become so unstable. Even the most meek of our team rage quitted on Monday.
    So, it pains us to do this, but we're thinking of going across to another sim. UNLESS, someone here can suggest something that takes all our troubles away...

    Thanks in advance,

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