cant not join my own server :SERVER CONNECTION ERROR

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Adrianstealth, Jun 2, 2012.

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    I just told you I am with virgin and on wireless with a dynamic ip login to Dlink by typing in web address bar login go to advanced settings and enable DMZ pick the pc name on your network you have your servers running save settings then it works you can also open ports on this screen but wont make any difference. If you have never used this befor you will be asked for a username = admin and password = leave this blank.
    Good look this also works on rf1.

    DMZ = Demilitarized Zone
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    May 28, 2012
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    Ok did all that Michael,

    Even reset router before ( to make sure factory defaults etc)

    Ticked DMZ , choose pc clicked it so it auto put in I.P address Saved new setting & logged out

    Still dosnt work ( hosting tester : UDP timed out, incoming TCP timed out ) "could not determin the status of your connection"

    My windows firewall all switched off at the mo too

    Any ideas ( this works on yours right? You host and others join. Etc )
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    I'm really struggling to get this set up - I have Rf2 allowed through windows firewall, my router is a D-link DSL-2680 and I have Talk Talk internet, please see the attached pics for the settings I have changed, I can appear in the list but always get server connection issues. I have changed my IP to Static with portforward any help would be much appreciated!!!
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    Try to tick the DMZ check-box if that makes any difference (enter the same IP you have for port forwarding -

    Also if you upgraded to rf2 build 101 try to do a fresh install instead (solved my problems with connecting to some servers).

    You can also try to connect directly to the modem (skipping the router) just so you see where the problem lies -router or PC (firewall, rf2 settings, other software).
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    I had same type of problem but when i went into windows fire wall i only had the rf2 local connection boxes ticked, so i ticked the rf2 public boxes too and had no problems since. seems strange as you have turned windows firewall off. Before i changed firewall settings i could only join my sever by checking the green lan box and joining that way but no one else could join. as soon as i put rf2 into public mode in windows firewall i never had to tick the green lan box to join, and also people could join too. Basicly all the time you need to check that green box to join your own server, no one else can join.
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    on virgin media internet you log in to your wireless and tern on DMZ or connect your pc direct to the modem and bypass the wireless

    on BT log in to your rooter go to port forwarding select steam client save then run rf2 launcher from steam and it will work DMZ did not work on BT and they have no option yet for rfactor servers 1 or 2 but i did email them.

    on other networks i do not know best thing to do is look for Dave at NRT servers and rent a server from him 100% rating 24/7 support and super fast internet and players as far as malaysia had no problems connecting to.
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    Dynamic IP from Virgin applies to your Modem and isn't a problem. Port forwarding forwards ports to a specific PC (IP address). This PC must have a static IP address otherwise each time you reboot the PC it changes and the Port Forwarding fails.

    The same applies with DMZ. You tell the router to forward everything to a certain IP address. Again , if this IP changes everytime you reboot the PC, DMZ doesn't work.

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