Can you edit the .PLR to get the UI..

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  1. MikeyRud

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    to all have all 3 screens on and working? I've looked and don't see anything.

    3 screens works great and no problems when in the car.
    But also when your at the track in the "monitor" view (reply, garage, etc.) only 1 screen works.

    Can you edit the .PLR or something to get the UI in 3 screens?

    Thank you.
  2. Gearjammer

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    The replays are an issue that is being worked on and we don't have an estimate on when it will be fixed for triple screen drivers yet.

    It would be nice however to be able to adjust the width of the garage screen so that it stays within the bezels of a monitor when you are running bezel compensation resolutions.

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