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Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by Juergen-BY, Feb 2, 2017.

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    i did some tests with a cam file. To avoid late pop up objects i increased the value of the LODMultiplier from 1.0 to 1.2, for the cockpitview. I expected some kind of fps drop, but it doesn`t happened, the fps are nearly the same. Is there any special reason, wich i may oversee at the moment, why car modder using lower numbers for the LODMultiplier?
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    I think they use "1" as standart to keep it uniform over mods. Some kind of unwritten law :D. Otherwise "track performance" (fps) could vary based on vehicle you drive. Rising it by 0.2 maybe doesn't change that much. But maybe by 2 or 3 does.
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    Saying nearly the same is worthless and typically subjective considering that fps vary considerably throughout the track. The only reliable way to check the influence is to properly benchmark:

    - Remove all opponents.
    - Go to track.
    - Change control to AI in order to obtain similar laptimes.
    - Start benchmarking when crossing the start/finish line. I usually time accelerate the outlap to fasten the process.
    - Stop benchmarking after completing the lap.
    - Open the benchmark file and edit it with the characteristics of the performed test.
    - Save and close the file.

    Repeat the procedure after changing the variable which its influence you are studying.

    Finally compare min max and avg values. If LOD multiplier is working as expected, increasing it by 20% should help with objects popping up but at a significant cost of fps.

    BTW, which CAM file are you changing track or car?

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