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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Justifier, May 23, 2023.

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    Hi everyone,
    So after some investigation over the past two weeks we have found a fairly long term 'loop hole' in RF2's coding which has now been made use of in various pieces of software to enable a count down timer for race starts. The investigation found this existed some time ago already as a widget in some old IOS software called RacePad and more recently in some software called Tiny Pedal and maybe other huds. Essentially it is a countdown timer to the start of sessions but this one relates to race starts and programmers have now extended it to countdowns in hundreths of seconds.
    This bug/loop hole has allowed programmers to introduce widgets into huds etc. which allows a countdown timer to run for a race start such that the driver knows when the last start light will go out and can therefore effectively predict the start for better starts off the line. We tested this software for the first time last week and whilst it is not without it's own risk of false starts, once learned, it certainly gives a driver an unfair advantage off the start line in races. We realise that this 'feature' or attribute is not in line with real life racing but unfortunately it exists in the RF2 software nevertheless.
    Unfortunately as this is a bug/loophole in the RF2 software, and is very easily accessed by various huds etc., it will be impossible for us to police its use. Whilst we considered an honesty system we are concerned that people will still be suspicious of others good starts and comments and tension will likely arise even when comments may be made in jest. The issue is that anyone can use it without making it obvious that it is even in use.
    Given the inability to police its use, we have decided to divulge this information to everyone to effectively 'even the playing field' such that everyone has access to this 'feature' but only until hopefully the RF2 programmers close the loop hole! So we would like as many people as possible to make this public and complain to the RF2 developers. In my opinion, the sooner we can have this sorted the better as this is not true to real life racing. I will be trying to post this in various forums.
    So in the meantime, if you want to be on an even playing field for your starts, then all you need is the Tiny Pedal software and enable the feature in "flags" called "Show Start Countdown". As simple as that!
    I am disappointed to have to post this but now that 'the cat is out of the bag' we think this is probably the best coarse of action until RF2 plug the hole! We do not make this post lightly and it is only after testing last week and long discussions with my fellow Stooges and Tony that we have decided to allow its use until it is fixed. Not very realisitic we know but at least we will know that everyone is on even playing field.
    I am sure this post will create a lot of discussion not just in this group but with our friends in the DUS series and also on the various RF2 and Sim racing forums. I suppose the only positive is I think we have caught it pretty early and hopefully with pressure from many RF2 racing fans, the developers will plug this hole fairly quickly.
    Cheers, 3 Stooges Racing
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    If it's what I remember noticing while setting up a primitive live track view, it's probably been there at least 8 years. (the data that allows the forecast, let's say)

    Giving everyone the same advantage is a fair approach, and I agree hopefully the devs can look into making this much harder to work out.

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