Bones tutorial in animations for beginners

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by Nuno Lourenço, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Hello guys.

    I tought about spamming the Bink topic with that question but makes more sense keep things organized.

    So, what I need? I know how do model a flag, of course, and know how to use cloth modifier create a nice wind effect on that, but I'm missing the bone part and I can't understand at all how it is suposed to be done. Can someone, in a very small video with a very low poly flag show the steps to make it work?

    I saw the files from Bink, and it look like the cloth modifier was applied on skin modifier, and bones are attached to vertex but I can't do it. Lost all day around that and still don't get it.
    I wan to use it in other objects but need to understand how it works otherwise I'm stuck :(

    Thanks in advance

    Nuno Lourenço
  2. Gijs van Elderen

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    Procedure is simple.

    - create a ncloth flag loop (tutorials on youtube) ==> and to create a loop ==>
    - create joints per vertex
    - contrain the joints to the vertex

    joints are now following the vertex from the ncloth animation

    - bake the animation to the joints

    Now the joints have the animation and ncloth is't needed anymore.

    - remove the constrains (joint to vertex)
    - remove the ncloth (poly plane will be static)

    Now you can see the joints moving while the poly plane flag is static

    - skin bind the poly plane flag to the joints (1 influence per vertex is enough)

    I can't test them ingame. gJED doesn't support animated FBX yet... :(

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  3. Nuno Lourenço

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    I'm having problems right in the second step. I can create the bones and put it in place but don't know how to assign it to each vertex individualy.

    Than I need to be able to bake animation to bones but, one step at a time...
  4. wgeuze

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    Have you tried an attachment constraint?
  5. Bink

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    Hi Nuno,

    The order that my code does these animations is just below the script's progress bar in this image: View attachment 20477


    1. Mesh
    2. Vertices
    3. Wind
    4. Cloth
    5. Cloth Sim / Volume Select
    6. Morph
    7. Relax
    8. Bones
    9. Bake
    10. Skin
    11. Clean-up

    For step 5, I make an animation about twice as long as needed, and then select a random start frame (a little of the way into the animation) and use the user entered frame count to know where the end will be . This is just to help add randomness to successive objects the user could make with the same params.

    Been a while (years) since I wrote this, but I believe the volume select modifier is used to help with Morphing from the mid point frame through the last frame ... with the morph ending on the (new) first frame.

    Sorry I haven't been more help on this, but I'm not really that much into rF2 and this stuff anymore... just trying to finish up / resolve some of these projects I've started.

    Although I would prefer not to... if you need more specifics, I can look into the code to see whatever it was that I wrote.

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