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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DirtyPotter, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Hello Guys and Girls,
    Im new to the forum and i actually registered to report a minor bug with the beta UI, which i think it has not been reported yet. Please bear with my explanation as im not a native speaker. When you are on the setup page and the < arrow/button is used to navigate through the elements, if you reach the Fuel tab and you press the < again, then the Summary page will be shown but the Fuel tab stays selected, also you are able to press again the button and then a blank page appears. As i said is nothing serious but i wanted you guys to know about it.
    BUG1.png BUG2.png

    Also the new UI is colorful and more of an eye candy than the old one. However, i would like to suggest the possibility to change how big some of the elements are. For example, the Tabs in settings or setup are way to big (at least in 1080p) to be shown in the screen so you must use the mouse wheel or the < > nav arrows to be able to find the tab you are looking for. It is also a bit annoying to interact with some elements in the setup page like in suspension (you have to move the mouse a lot more to change and compare settings). I know this is probably done to be compatible with 4K screens but please think of us mortals. For some of you this may sound kind of like whining? which i understand and to be honest if it stays the way it is, i would get used to it but if there is a chance this can change then i will take it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read the thread :)
    and have a great Week!

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