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    Hello all, I would like to ask what is in your opinion the best anticheat for leagues using rFactor2. In my league we use SimRacingTools, but it started getting troubles. There are drivers that didn't collect data despite the client was active, connected and showing everything ok without errors. Finally, system stopped collecting data for all drivers 4 days ago, and it is still not working.

    I have contacted with technical support. Anyway, I am looking other anticheat systems, and I know many leagues use Motec as anticheat. What I think they do is collecting motec logs from drivers (drivers must send the log after the race) and compare the logs with a motec template, in order to detect deflections or irregularities in that logs. Unfortunately, I didn't found info about how to make this idea working, and hope somebody here could help me.

    In the other hand, any other idea about good anticheat systems for rFactor2 will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :)

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