Bahrain v1.10 4 layouts..wierd track surface

Discussion in 'Locations' started by davehenrie, Mar 14, 2021.

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    I just tried the v1.10 of the Bahrain circuit and it felt like the track was made of 3ftx3ft concrete squares where the center of the square had shrunk down lower than the edges. Every corner felt like the car was being jostled sideways as you traversed laterally across the squares.(you can't see them, only feel them)
    The wheel would be rocking back and forth throughout the arc of the curve. The effect was not as pronounced down the straights, so longitudinally, the car felt fine. I had another version of the track from another modder and so I tried that, it felt 'normal.' I think, by trying both tracks and a couple of different cars, I ruled out everything BUT the track construction. Anyone else see or feel this?
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