[B660] HUD Missing Tyre wear + damage blocks

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DJCruicky, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Odd problem, only just started with build 660. I seem to be missing on my HUD the tyre wear and damage blocks. They worked fine on old build.
    I can damage my car, be driving on 3 wheels and the HUD does not show it no more.
    Build 660
    View attachment 12549

    Old Build 382

    View attachment 12550
    Other people online have said theirs is fine, so I guess it's just my old pc again. Anyone else have this?

    Things I've tried.
    -Tried all HUD's
    -Installed new and old Geforce drivers
    -Tried with and without plug-ins.
    -Did clean fresh install of Lite to another folder.
    -No custom UI
    without luck.

    PC specs in the sidebar. I do have new PC bits coming, Motherboard, Ram, CPU + win8.1. Will test with that when I get them.

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