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    Hello community!
    My name is Jair Oliveira, I'm a member of NascarBR AV Clube. (@ Nbravclube)
    I am making available to the community a plugin for rfactor2, responsible for pointing out the amount of tires used by each driver during a race. The author of the plug-in is Jeferson Richart of the High Speed League (@AltaVelocidade / http://www.altavelocidadevirtual.com.br/)
    How to install: extract in the rfactor2 / binx64 / plugin folder. Enable in SinglePlayer / Settings / plugins / On
    How it works:
    When entering a server, the rf2 Chat will show the message "/ w avvpenus plugin by Jeferson Richart"
    Every time you access the pitlane or activate the pitcrew, the message for the number of tires changed in the current race is displayed. The same message is updated at the exit of the pitlane.
    Unused tires in a 100% nominal situation may not be exchanged by the pitcrew and will not be counted by the plugin.
    Abandonments during the race or leaving the server due to disconnection, the tires changed will not be counted until the event.
    The total number of tires changed during the entire race will be available in the rf2 chat as soon as the driver finishes his race and click ESC to return to the garage. This procedure must be performed by everyone at the SERVER before the session is closed.
    A log will be generated, archived in rfactor2 / Userdata / player / log / results and can be viewed by your browser or by the rf2loganalyzer application, available in this FORUM: https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/ rfactor2-log-analyzer-ver-2-with-offline-and-league-championship-manager.48117 /

    Plug-in history
    The races at NASCAR BR AV CLUBE are governed by some particular, "non-exclusive" CLUB rules, limiting the amount of tires per car in each race.
    But as is known, there was no controller on the rFactor2 platform that would display information on the final / total number of tires used in each car.
    Invited to participate as a driver in one of the CLUB's events, Jeferson Richart noted this gap by questioning how to check the total tires that each driver would use in the race.
    This verification was done in a lengthy way, watching the replay of the car-by-car race and all exchanges made.
    Jeferson then proposed to create a tool that would facilitate this work, so he brought us the AVVtires plug-in, effective and functional. The plugin has only two language options, English and PortugueseBR. When installing, delete the version that will not be used from the folder.
    Thank you J.Richart! All credit is meritorious and exclusive to your work! https://drive.google.com/file/d/15OJRXevMtdd4sPh9tDPltIXD2Ar5N8SX/view?usp=sharing avv chat mensage.jpg

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