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    StockCar Sim Racing in association with rFactor2 WEC announces the 2018 Nascar season. $100 to season winner! Please look here for details:
    Come join us wherever you are on the Planet!
    Qualifying starts Sunday nights 8pm AEST which is (Sunday around 10-12am in Europe/UK)

    We are running a full 36 Race series, every week. (almost)
    We are bringing drivers together from Various Australian leagues for a Common purpose. Side by side racing at it's best.

    We will be using Nascar 2016 skin pack. (you can upload your own if you wish in game)

    If you are a League admin, you are welcome (encouraged) to post on your local league's forum a link and small post about us.

    Season starts with Race 1 at Daytona - Feb 18 (Fun run Feb 11 'Dega Unrestricted)

    STOCKCAR SIMRACING (The center of Stockcar Racing for rF2)
    StockCar Sim Racing Oceania Nascar League info page
    StockCar Sim Racing Oceania Nascar League forum

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