APX 24 Nordschleife: Call for participants and collaborators

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    I am thinking about hosting a 24h Nordschleife event with some APX powered tools/ services attached to the server. That tools will include:
    • Automated Server updates based on the APX toolchain
    • Livery submit using a webform
    • Signup/revoke/car change using a webform
    • A event-specific livetiming
    • Liveticker
    • Warnings for stationary/slow cars
    • Defined, automated workflows for red flag scenarios
    I want to use this as a base "market research" to see if people are interested in such a event to prevent myself from spending time and money for an event without participants. Also: As this is a large task to do alone, I am searching for collaborators aswell :)

    Interested? Then follow this link https://forms.gle/bXP2mPUiMzd6Q85u9
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