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    @apex - I am truly embarrassed that the community has been so stingy and only have made 3 donations to your generous efforts. Come on folks - let's support Apex with more donations so they'll not be discouraged from their passion of sharing their mods with us, freely. They need a coffee and/or beer too...
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    To be fair, this is not exclusive to us or even to the platform. You can check with other people, be it groups or individuals, who created properly top notch content and see them often count in one hand the amount of times they received something. It is not meant to be a mandate, at all, but just things have progressed quite a bit from the level of work required on so many fronts that from a purely hobbyist perspective, completing a pack of cars to adequate standards is like moving a mountain - especially from scratch. I have seen mentioned before about some streamers who make enough to support their hobby and grow but probably don't send $1 or $5 to a team that made content they may love. As two examples, I enjoyed Riverside quite a bit but wasn't able to donate but instead, I went into excruciating detail to paint two cars that Lilski was interested in. Or even Apex, I created quite a bit of 2D art and ended up becoming a contributor to help out with development.

    Donations help with costs, be it buying books or subscriptions or something we're somewhat considering, contracting to get through the content we wish to build. This is something born out of passion and they do not ensure the outcome as it's not sustainable. The thought is appreciated and contributions are always helpful, of course. We will see if we can pursue other ways to ensure everything gets built properly, sounding nice, driving great and feeling immersive, and above all... out the door so everyone can play :cool:.
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