Anybody else experiencing mass disconnects and/or rF2 dedi crashes currently?

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by DocJones, Nov 25, 2015.

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    We have three individual dedi installs on our server, running 5 instances in total. For a few months now (the last three builds if I'm not mistaken - including b1028) we experienced both mass disconnects on all three installations with the server continuing to run (everybodys connection was dropped at the exact same time and everybody needed and was able to rejoin without a server restart) aswell as server crashes on two of the three installations (connecting via remote desktop we were greeted by a 'rF2 is not responding' error message). The issues occured in practice and race sessions. Unfortunately, we didn't read the extended error descriptions so far. Yeah, I know :(

    Before starting over with fresh installs and further digging into logfiles and such, I was wondering if any other community experienced the same with recent builds or if we are alone with the issue.

    Plugins running on our servers: Gerald's weather server for live weather, VM Livetiming and another plugin by one of our members to log laptimes on our website (a tool which we run succesfully for well over a year now without any such issue) independent of VM Livetiming.
    Details on our server can be found in the first post in this thread.
    I feel we can rule out networking issues in the cases of mass disconnects because we also run R3E dedis on the same server and they haven't yet have such issues.
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    None of the clients I have running rF2..( 13 in total ) have not seen or reported issues with the last builds.

    Being one that likes to dig into first thoughts would be to remove the running plugins for testing purposes only.

    If this stops the discos, then add one at a time...try it for a day or so with either having your members or opening up the server and asking
    the community to try and connect and see what happens. Our rF2 gang here are great at trying to help if asked. your upload download settings...try manually setting the values for 9999 up and 9999 down...and not letting the dedicated set those values.

    Just a couple of other thought would be to check your connection settings and take the check mark out of having the card being able to shut down
    to save power. I have ran into this issue before, not saying that is it...but when setting up a clients server, that is part of optimizing there installs I do..

    Good luck and let us know if any of the above help..


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