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    Some time ago, a kind of illumination-problem appeared on the Oregon Raceway Park Track, where the illumination of some cones didn't work.
    It appears at night, while using the Headlights of the Cars and it is not only the ORP Track where it happens,
    it e.g. also happens on Indianapolis or Portugal.

    I've made some tests to give more information and observed the following, partly strange results.
    As first, please watch this Video (watch in "HD" or whatever Youtube calls HD), which shows the problem.

    Just for information:
    I used the Cobra as testcar.
    I start at X/Y 0/0 and drive along the y axis into - direction, turn around 180° and drive back, crossing 0/0 again
    and drive into +y direction, turn around again and drive to the start at 0/0.
    The cones have a distance of 25m to each other.

    Watch the cones.

    Now i've made the following changes, to see what it causes or maybe changes something.
    Note: all changes have been done as a single change. After every change, i returned to the original before i've made the next change.

    1. i renamed all cone_xx to sign_xx
    Result: nothing changed

    2. i renamed all cone_xx to something_xx
    Result: the illumination works normal, no matter in which direction i drive.
    BUT the cones are not collidable anymore, although they are still tagged with CollTarget=True.

    3. i removed the Moveable=True tag
    Result: the illumination works normal, no matter in which direction i drive.
    BUT the movability is gone of course, it's very hard to "meet" the cones, now. :D

    4. in the GEN file, i edit the Headlight definition value Range=, from Range=(0.0, 200.0)(original entry), to Range=(0.0, 300.0) and then to Range=(0.0, 800.0)...
    Result: the only thing that changes is, that the "non-illumination" of the cones starts later, the higher the 2nd (max.) value is set.

    One thing seems a bit strange to me and that is, that it seems as if the illumination in some way is influenced by the movability in this case. Is that wanted?
    It would be good if this problem could be solved like the Headlights Road Illumination has been solved with the 998 Build.

    Another note: Track-Nightlights illuminate the cones in a normal way. Or better: the cones react in a normal way to Track-Nightlights.
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