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    Here are some notes related to the point to point timing sectors setup used in targa florio new rally stages. I'm sure not the first to discover those workarounds, but hope those info would help.

    In the earlier post link below mentioned about some basic setup of P2P timing sectors:
    However, there is exploit that could take advantages of those fast timing sector objects.

    The exploit involves driving across xFinishalt to trigger a new lap timing, then driving backward past xSector1alt, and again driving forward through xSector1alt > xSector2alt > xFinishalt, which counts as a full lap and results cheated lap time.

    First solution is to adjust cut corridor in between xFinishalt and xSector2alt in a special way, so that reverse driving would count as invalid lap. However, in practice this solution is very difficult to achieve and unreliable due to complex overlapping & parallel issues of corridors . And it also fails if flag rules is disabled.

    Second solution is to move and keep both xSector1alt & xSector2alt far away from xFinishalt, so that there is enough distance to trigger wrong way warning & DQ. However this solution may not suit every track, especially if start grid or garage spot has to be placed just a few meters behind start line. (note, isle of man rally stages use this solution)

    Third solution is to place xPitin and xPitout in between xFinishalt and xSector2alt.
    Whenever player attempts to past xSector2alt > xFinishalt, both xPitin and xPitout will be inevitably triggered and lap time cancels immediately as a result of "pit-in timing cancel" mechanism. Unlike cut detection solution, this setup works under any non-race session, even if flag rules disabled, which makes it the best choice for rally stages that used in targa florio.

    Additional issue & workaround:
    With the third solution, it is still possible to exploit fast timing sectors in race session, due to the fact that both xPitin and xPitout do not interact with player's vehicle during first lap, which effectively ignores "pit-in timing cancel" mechanism.

    One workaround is to place an additional invisible wall that blocks the path to xSector1alt & xSector2alt in race session, which player has no way to interact with those fast timing sectors at all. This invisible wall must also be set with VisGroups=(192) so that it will only present in race session. And in addition, VisGroups does not work with Render=False tag, as collision detection fails to work if both tags were set, so the collision object needs a fully transparent material setup and without Render=False tag.

    The final setup would look like following:
    (there are a few track mods were already using similar workaround, such as DJCruicky's Nords.)

    Additional notes on "Exit pit under red" issue:
    For point to point AIW that created from full length track path, such as targa florio, where main driving path & pit lane path corridors & garage position would all messed up & overlap each other, which has high chance to trigger "Exit pit under red" warning even without leaving garage area. And since the overlapping section of main path cannot be simply removed because for some reason AI goes crazy otherwise, the workaround is by adjusting the garage spot position near the center of pit lane path cut corridor line until the "Exit pit under red" warning no longer triggers (takes a few tries to find the sweet spot, and vehicle size can also affect whether warning would be triggered, so it's better test with different vehicles).
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