SOLVED [AIW Issue] Lap count works in DevMode, not when packaged.

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by FRMracing, Mar 7, 2020.

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    is that using the aiw you posted previously ?

    okay . . . even tho the fuel use in the original aiw is set to 0 . . .

    using your aiw i set the fuel use in the aiw editor and the timing etc is now working in sp . . .
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    I figured it out... *facepalm*
    So the way that the track was originally packaged, although there is two seperate .mas files for each layout, with the XFinish, XPitIn, XPitOut, XSector1, XSector2 files in their respective layout .mas files for the GP layout but for the short layout, they were in the main _MAPs.mas which I extracted to the .\VRC_HOCKENHEIM\maps folder in ModDev.

    So in .\VRC_HOCKENHEIM\maps AND .\VRC_HOCKENHEIM\VRC_HOCKENHEIM there was a different XSector2.gmt file...

    Now in DevMode, it choose to use the .gmt's in the main folder over the ones in the maps folder for some reason.

    When I packaged the files into a single .mas file (that I use for tracks which is a bad practice ik...) I put the .gmts in from the main DevMode folder first (the folder with the AIW) and THEN the .gmts from the maps folder (with the short layout's XSector2.gmt, etc.)

    Hopefully that explains it in detail enough & clearly as possible.
    So in conclusion, or TLDR...
    -The track worked in ModDev, but not after being packaged in a single .mas file.
    -Because 2 different copies of XSector#.gmt for 2 different layouts existed in different ModDev folders for a single layout.
    -When packaged, the good XSector#.gmt was overridden by the wrong XSector#.gmt (This caused the track to work as expected in ModDev but not after packaging into a .mas)
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    It is good practice to move each layout's x-sectors to layout folder (instead of keeping them in gmt folder), even if the track contains only one layout.
    If more layouts is added afterwards, then "original" x-sectors are safe in layout folder when new one's are exported.
    When packing the track, each layout files are in their own mas - package anyway, so they won't be accidentally overwritten by new gmt mas package (if that makes any sense... :) ).
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    You may find your SearchPaths are in that order. Either way, having the game pick up loose files can make testing changes easy, but it means you do need to be very careful about leaving files sitting around the place. I have a totally separate folder sitting beside ModDev that I can throw things into (different versions of mods/tracks, backups, extracted mas versions, etc) that then won't get picked up in devmode itself. I've run into stupid bugs that took ages to fix because of errant files, too many times.

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