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    I tried to do a wet race with ASR f1 cars under the storm at Silverstone lastest version.

    The AI drivers have absolutely no grip under rain. At 100% difficulty they do about 3 minutes qualification laps. Which is unlikely. Seeing them driving they are very much struggling to drive. Like they had no grip.

    I tried on multiple track/car variations the problem is still here.
    I tried Silverstone, Suzuka, and Detroit Belle Ilse. Always the same problem of AI grip under rainy conditions

    I tried F1 asr cars, f1 1996 by Sl1de, official McLaren f1 1998 and GT3 DLC cars. Allways the same problem. AI have no grip

    On my old pc, I didn't had this problem, rf2 wasn't updated to the last version since 1 month more or less.
    I got my new pc last week. The problem occurred directly.
    When I updated my old pc. Same result with AI.

    The solution is to give AI more grip with wet tire (about 2 times normal). I should not have to do it

    Does somebody have this problem ?
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