AI throttle/brake behaviour, not fixed yet?

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Ariff, Apr 5, 2020.

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    The On/Off Braking should be a fairly straight forward fix, i say "should be" but of course it might not be that straight forward. In my racing I've not noticed a decrease in speed of the AI when they do this, merely a spilt second dab of the brakes so they may just need some smoothing out.

    The Slipstreaming issue, as highlighted above, should not be just a "simple" fix so the AI over take on long straights and that's it - they need to follow the draft of the preceding car and the lead AI car needs to try and break that draft just like we/humans would.
    If S397 purely code in an overtake from a slipstream it would make passing and defending far too easy for us/humans, like the "block path faint" trick - once you know about it then it's a bit too easy (that's another issue entirely that needs some TLC).
    So already there's two major bits of code for two different Slipstreaming scenarios, then comes everything else associated with that change; AI awareness of upcoming corners, other cars behind Slipstreaming them whilst they're Slipstreaming the car in front, if on a drying track do the AI pull out of a slipstream to overtake? - is it too wet for slicks, is the risk worth taking, the list goes on etc etc etc.

    That's why AI coding is not easy, and also what may seem like a "quick fix" is in fact the complete opposite.

    With this you kinda get the idea how long it could take to properly implement, AI is notoriously difficult to code for, but hopefully one day S397 properly sit down to address it - I just hope we get the Full Works and not just a "quick fix" that becomes exploitable when racing against the AI within the first few laps.
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    I too am extremely disappointed, I really like racing offline sometimes vs AI, but this game is just unbearable in current state with AI basically unable to maintain anything but 100% or 0% throttle/brake, constantly blipping both to maintain speed during cornering. I honestly thought it was something i set wrong since most you tube videos are of older builds that worked correct. Cant believe this is not a bigger issue, but i guess most ppl still playing the title are just in leagues.

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