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    Aerosketch is made to visualize Rfactor 2 aerodynamics.

    Its calculations are strictly based on s397 spreadsheets obtaining 99.99% accuracy for vertical forces and side forces.
    It features wings, body, diffuser, fenders and effects of ride heights, yaw, wheelbase, undertray locations, ducts, etc,

    This video is a small demonstration for the full 'wing settings' version.

    I attach some images of the 'ride height' version, which is useful to visualize how downforce and drag are changing depending on rear ride height, rake, etc

    Aerosketch is an advanced version of Aerogebra, which it was made in Geogebra, but this software was not efficient when handling big functions. Aerosketch is much faster and updated to latest public spreadsheets available.
    However, I also link these Aerogebra vids to illustrate some features, because the interface was similar. Unfortunately, Youtube deleted annotations which included explanations, i am sorry for that.

    If you are interested in trying this tool, please send a private message. Thank you

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